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Establishment and changing of addresses

Establishment and changing of addresses

The owner of the immovable property may apply for:

  •   the change of an address of a cadastral unit;
  •   the change of an address of a building or the establishment of unique addresses of      buildings;
  •   the change of an address of an apartment.


The address of a cadastral unit (building, apartment) can be changed if the address does not fulfil the requirements of the Estonian Address Data System and it is possible to establish a more suitable address for the address object.

An address must be established in consideration of access to the address object. For instance, if the address object (building, land unit) is bordering several streets, the address shall be established according to the street that has the main access to the object.

If there are (or will be based on a building permit) several buildings needing separate addresses (office buildings, residential buildings, etc.), then the owner of the property may apply for the establishment of (unique) addresses.

A unique address for the building is derived from the address of the cadastral unit. For example, if the address of a cadastral unit is Kase tn 42, then the buildings may have the addresses such as Kase tn 42/1, Kase tn 42/2, etc. If the land unit has several parallel addresses (Kauka tn 4 // Kaupmehe tn 4), then each of these can be used as addresses for the buildings.

If the building can be accessed from several streets, it can have several parallel addresses, e.g. Kaupmehe tn 14 // Kentmanni tn 21 // Liivalaia tn 27. In this case, an apartment or other spaces will have one address according to the street it can be accessed from.