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Establishment and changing of place names

Establishment and changing of place names

It is possible to apply for the establishment or change of a place name for a natural or man-made geographical feature (such as a park or a street). A place name can be changed if it does not meet the requirements of the Place Names Act.

On establishment of a place name, one should prefer a name that is recognised in the area or that is important historically or culturally. One of the main objectives of the Place Names Act is the protection of place names that are historically valuable and the preference of them over more recently established place names.

A place name shall be established for a feature by a legal act or approved by a resolution of the Place Names Board. The Tallinn City Government is advised on the establishment of place names by the Name Committee.

City residents are advised on issues related to place name by the Place Names Organiser of the Geodesy and Land Management Unit of the Tallinn Urban Planning Department.