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Facade renovation grant

An apartment association can apply for a grant to renovate their apartment building, more specifically:

  •          increase its energy efficiency and
  •          fix its facade

The grant can cover up to 10% of the cost of construction work. The maximum grant for one apartment building is 20,000 euros. It is also possible to apply for a 3,000 euro grant for creating a wall painting during the renovation if the design has been approved by the Tallinn City Government’s Urban Design Committee.


It is possible to apply for the grant if:

  •          the applicant has rebuilt the apartment building’s facade, roof or technical systems
  •          the applicant has submitted a notice of use after completing the renovation work or has received an authorisation of use
  •          the apartment building was built and put into use before 1993

To receive the grant, the application must be submitted within six months of submitting a notice of use or receiving authorisation of use.

Applications are accepted all year while there are enough funds to distribute.

Budget in 2022

In 2022, the budget of this grant is 400,000 euros, out of which:

  •          60,142.30 euros has been assigned for subsidies
  •          4,370 euros has been reserved for applications being processed
  •          335,487.70 euros are reserves

Five applications have been submitted, four of which have been paid out and one is being processed. No applications have been rejected.