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Funeral services

Funeral services

To arrange a funeral, contact the cemetery office to confirm the date and time. Additional details about Tallinn cemeteries can be found on the Cemetery Portal of Estonia.

Clients without a burial plot will be assigned either a single or a double plot, depending on the availability of land at the cemetery. Alternatively, they may be assigned a plot designated for reuse. A burial plot is allocated based on a valid death certificate.

The burial is arranged once the burier provides a valid death certificate, selects either a new space on an assigned burial plot or chooses an available empty plot with the assistance of the cemetery’s representative and has compensated for the service.

·       During the summer period, from 16 April to 30 November, funerals must be submitted at least two working days before the funeral day.

·       During the winter period, from 1 December to 15 April, submissions must be made at least three working days before the funeral day.

·       Funeral services are not organised on Sundays, Mondays and national holidays.

A burial plot user is a person who has entered into a user contract for a burial plot. With a valid power of attorney, the user has the authority to transfer the right to use the burial plot to another individual for the purpose of organising a funeral.