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Funeral services

To register the funeral, contact the office of the cemetery, where you would like to carry out the burying, to arrange the date and time of the funeral. Clients who did not own a burial place beforehand will be allocated a one or a two place site to the cemetery, if there is free land available or on formally registered burial places on reused land. The original death certificate has to be brought along.

The funeral will be registered after the burier has presented the death certificate, presented the location of the new grave on the burial place that was given for usage beforehand or with the cemetery's representative has selected a suitable place among the cemetery's free available burial places and has paid for the ordered services. During summertime (from April 16th until November 30th) the burial has to be registered on the day before the funeral, at 10.00 at latest. During wintertime (from December 1st until April 15th) - two days before. Funeral services are not organized on Sundays, Mondays and during national holidays.
The allocation of urn boxes to Metsakalmistu's columbarium for urn burial takes place under a general order. The user of a burial place is the person to whom it has been allocated. The user can grant, with a verified authorization, the usage of the burial place to be used by other persons, to carry out the funeral. Grave site is allocated to physical person by the company managing the cemetery, on the basis of a death certificate and a written application from the burier, whereby the condition is not to unite the families, buried to Metsakalmistu but only the conclusion of a usage contract.