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Home care service

Home care service

The purpose of the home care service is to ensure an adult can manage their daily life in a home environment independently and safely. The person is assisted in the activities they cannot perform independently due to their health condition, functional capacity or living environment, but which are essential for managing their life in a home environment.


The service includes:

  •  domestic help (e.g. keeping the home and their clothes clean, heating the house, cooking, purchasing medicines from the chemist, ordering foodstuffs and household items online)
  •  personal assistance (e.g. getting dressed, eating, using personal care equipment and hygiene procedures) and
  • ·running errands and dealing with bureaucracy (organising health care, guiding and assisting the recipient of the service in dealing with bureaucracy and accompanying them in health care and service institutions and public offices).

 Provision of the service to a person with psychological special needs will be decided by a social worker upon evaluation of the necessity for assistance. The social worker will consult with the medical doctor of the applicant and, if necessary, with the service provider and will take their assessment into account when deciding on the suitableness of the home care service. The home care service is not provided for people with addiction problems or those who are bedridden and require daily full-time assistance and care. The home care service does not include a home nursing service.

 The service fee will depend on the person’s income level. It will be between €0-10 per hour. If the result of the evaluation of the necessity for the service is positive and it is decided that the home care service is the most appropriate assistance measure, then the social worker will evaluate the ability of the person to pay for the service.

 There are four established income levels according to which the cost of one hour of the home care service will be decided.

The person will pay for the home care service as follows:

·        if their net income is less than €300, there will be no fee;

·        if their net income is between €301-450, the fee will be €2 per hour.;

·        if their net income is between €451-600, the fee will be €4 per hour;

·        if their net income is between €601-750, the fee will be €6 per hour;

         if their net income is above €750, the fee will be €10 per hour.