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International conference support

International conference support

Consultations are available upon request prior to application submission. For this, please contact the business tourism consultants at Tallinn Strategic Management Office. The aim of the preliminary consultation is to provide information on the conditions under which an organiser of an international conference qualifies for a grant and how to prepare an application.

Find out more about the procedure for awarding international conference grants and read the frequently asked questions.

The aims of Tallinn’s international conference support grants are to increase the reputation of Tallinn as a location for international conferences, to increase the number of foreign conference tourists staying in Tallinn as well as tourism profits and to distribute seasonal tourism.

The international conference grant is considered de minimis aid and is awarded by the Tallinn City Enterprise Board in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 and section 33 of the Competition Act.

In 2024 the final dates for submitting applications are January 12th, September 6th and November 11th.

For further information on de minimis aid, please visit the website of the Ministry of Finance at You can check the balance of de minimis aid granted to your enterprise in the Register of State Aid and de Minimis Aid.