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Pension supplement payment

Pension supplement payment

A pension supplement is a universal benefit that is paid once per calendar year, in the month preceding the beneficiary’s birth month.

-        The benefit cannot be applied for in the first year of receiving the pension. The benefit must be applied for in the second year of receiving the pension.

-        The application must be submitted during the applicant’s birth month.

-        The application only needs to be submitted once. Re-submission in the future is not necessary.

-        The support is paid within 30 days of submitting the application.

The pension supplement consists of two parts:

         from financial support (200 euros) and

         of pension supplement benefits

Pension support is paid:

-        to a person whose place of residence in the population register has continually been the City of Tallinn since 1 January of the calendar year preceding the calendar year of the support application,

-        whose data concerning their pension or working ability has been entered into the social protection information system or the database of assessment of working ability and working ability allowance and who has been assigned according to the State Pension Insurance Act:

-        retirement pension,

-        national pension,

-        disability pension,

-        an adult’s survivor’s pension (an 18-24-year-old person who is studying full time in a secondary school, is a stationary student of a vocational training institution or studies full time at a university of applied sciences or university; a widow or a widower whose working ability is reduced or who is of retirement age; a parent whose working ability is reduced; a parent of retirement age; a non-working widow who is expecting a baby),

-        to a person of at least 17 years of age who, according to the Work Ability Support Act, has limited or no ability to work.

In the year the benefit was granted, the beneficiary may use discounts starting from the calendar month following the calendar month in which the pension supplement was paid. In order to receive discounts, the person gives consent to process their personal data.

The support is not paid and discounts are not given to a person whose 24-hour general care service provided outside of home is paid from the budget of the City of Tallinn.