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Personal identification code formation

Personal identification code formation

A foreign citizen who requires a personal identification code in order to have his details entered into other databases.

The employer receives a personal identification code for an employee from a third country by registering the alien's short-term employment in Estonia. Information on the website of the Police and Border Guard Board Registration of short-term employment.

An application may be filed either by an EU citizen, a third-country national or an undetermined citizen of another country. The need to apply for a personal identification code in this way is a person who does not permanently reside in Estonia, but who works in Estonia or works for an Estonian employer elsewhere, which results in the employer being required to register the employee at the Tax and Customs Board and the employee has the right to insurance cover at the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Most of the databases in use in Estonia, including the health insurance database, are structured in such a way that the identification of the person is based on the personal identification code.

A child of an Estonian citizen born abroad shall be given a personal identification code under the birth certificate of a foreign country. Please use our service.