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Psychological counselling

Tallinn Family Centre offers children and families free psychological counselling. Counselling is in Estonian or in Russian. Appointments with psychologists are offered to children or families with children registered in Tallinn. Counselling takes place in the counselling centre on workdays (with pre-registration).

What is it? Psychological counselling is a private meeting between the counsellor and the client for them to talk about tensions and conflicts causing dissatisfaction and strong negative emotions. Problems that have led to difficult situations are analysed during counselling. This is an opportunity to express difficult and suppressed emotions in a safe environment and to find solutions for the future with the help of a psychologist. The client can come to counselling alone, with a child, another family member or with the whole family.

How? During counselling psychologists use different therapy forms such as family therapy, trauma therapy or solution-based brief therapy. Art therapy, clay therapy, sand therapy and game therapy are suitable for children.

When to go The main reasons are:

  • children’s behavioural difficulties
  • children’s fears and anxieties
  • aggressive or insecure child
  • problems at school and in relationships
  • bullying in school
  • learning difficulties and non-compliance with compulsory school attendance
  • problems at school and in relationships
  • bullying at school
  • learning difficulties and not attending school
  • family and relationship problems (family therapy)
  • traumatic events: death of a loved one, abuse or traumatic experiences

How long does it last? Individual counselling sessions are 50-60 minutes, family counselling 1-1.5 hours long. Children’s individual sessions last 45 minutes.

How long do you have to go? The number of counselling sessions depends on the severity and scope of the problem. Sometimes one counselling session is enough; sometimes counselling can lasts months.

Psychological counselling online It is not always necessary to see a psychologist, you may also find help online. It is possible to anonymously ask a psychologist questionson the online environment of the Tallinn Family Centre. The question will be answered within 3 working days maximum. It is possible to ask both in Estonian and in Russian. The counsellors are psychologist Margus Laurik, family therapist Eve Kintsiraud and case worker Marina Hirv from the Tallinn Family Centre.