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Resolving complaints from the citizens

Please submit your applications, objections/disputes and information about breaches of order as follows:


In case of uncut grass or untidiness of a land plot or if leaves, snow or ice have not been cleared from a pavement, detected dangerous icicles or problems with a construction or

excavation work, cutting of trees, wastes, graffiti or infringements in

keeping dogs or cats, please send the notice to the address

The address is ONLY for sending challenges and

objections concerning parking fines. In issues concerning parking, please call 53003103 on workdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.

The address is for sending your

observations in the following cases:

  • improperly parked vehicles (on pavement, in greenery, on a parking lot for the disabled, too close to a pedestrian crossing)
  • an improperly installed traffic sign
  • problems with a taxi
  • youngsters consuming tobacco products or alcohol

Please send to the same address your observations, suggestions, remarks, objections and complaints. In case of questions and situations, which require immediate solution, please call the Municipal Police duty line 14410, which answers 24/7, or call 661 986