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Restoration benefit

The 2022 application period is open until 10 March (including).

Submit your application in the SELF-SERVICE PORTAL.

The grant is designed for the restoration of cultural monuments, buildings within the Tallinn Old Town heritage conservation area, buildings in developed areas of cultural and environmental value, and valuable buildings outlined in the comprehensive plan. The supported activities include conservation, restoration and repair work. Please make sure to read the rules for awarding restoration grants as adopted on 8 February 2018.

The total available for restoration grants in 2021 is 300,000 euros. The maximum amount of a single grant is 25,000 euros and the maximum rate is 75% of eligible restoration work. Restoration grants are awarded by the relevant committee.

Check list for restoration grant applicants

· The application must be accompanied by three competitive offers. The competitive offers must specifically cover the work for which the grant is requested. Any additional work should not be indicated in competitive offers. All offers must cover identical work operations. The offers must indicate the price and any VAT (where the tendering company is subject to VAT). If the tendering company is not subject to VAT, this must be indicated in the offer. For work involving monuments the contractor must hold a relevant licence issued by the National Heritage Board.

· Before filing the application please make sure that the work to be carried out using the grant can be completed by 30 November at the latest. Otherwise, the grant cannot be disbursed.

· Before filing the application please make sure that all owners (incl. members of the housing cooperative, co-owners, etc.) agree to the planned work and are capable of financing said work. The grant will be disbursed only after the beneficiary has paid for the work and produced proof thereof. No prepayments will be made on account of the grant. The form of the letter of attorney is available here.

· If an application is filed for restoring a monument, the applicant should previously obtain all the required approvals for the design project and possess all the necessary documents (special heritage conservation conditions, detailed design of exterior finishing, construction drawings of windows/doors, plan for implementing restoration work, etc.). For areas of cultural and environmental value please make sure - before filing the application - that any required documentation (design project, construction permit or notice, etc.) is available.

· The beneficiary should designate the relevant bank account at the time of filing the application. The application, the agreement and the report should all feature identical particulars in this regard.