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Service provider card for a taxi drivers

Service provider card for a taxi drivers

The service provider card allows the carrier to work as a taxi driver. In the Tallinn area, the processing of service provider cards (including the cards for cyclists and operators of animal-powered vehicles and fun rides) are managed by the Tallinn Municipal Police Department.

Requirements for the applicant

·        The applicant has paid the state fee.

·        The applicant holds a B-category driver’s licence. An applicant who holds a provisional driver's licence or a licence with a limited right to drive doesn't have the right to obtain a service provider card.

·        The applicant complies with the requirement of good reputation, specified in § 57, subsection 2, articles 1 and 2 of the Traffic Act.

Renouncement of the service provider card

To renounce your service provider card, send your digitally signed application by e-mail to [email protected] or submit it on paper and bring it to our office at Paldiski mnt 48a, Tallinn.