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A shelter for a homeless person

A shelter for a homeless person

There are two kinds of shelters: a around the clock shelter and a night shelter. 24/7 temporary shelter is for adults who do not have a home and who need care and personal assistance due to their health condition. It is possible to be there around-the-clock and catering is a part of the service. A night shelter only offers a place to sleep and is opened during limited evening hours

The 24/7 shelter service is available temporarily in the case of unavoidable need for social help or for a longer period. In case of the latter, we will work towards resocialisation in the shelter and create an individual action plan for you that will help you cope better. People receive care, nursing, food and counselling at the shelter until they are able to move onto another service that meets their needs (such as a social housing unit or general care service).

The shelter service in case of unavoidable need for social help is free for Tallinn residents. A long-term service is compensated from the person’s income (e.g. income support, pension for incapacity for work, national pension or old age pension)

If you need a place to stay the night but do not need around-the-clock care and personal assistance, the night shelter might be an option for you.

At the night shelter (i.e. homeless shelter), people who do not have another place to stay (such as their own home or a friend’s home) are ensured an accommodation. The purpose of the service is to provide a bed to sleep in, a shower, clothing and food aidand do laundry as well as find information about other aid programmes (such as applying for documents, services and benefits provided by the social welfare unit of the city government, etc.).

The night shelter is generally only open during the evening and night, thus the day centres for homeless people might provide additional help and consendrates on improving or maintaining people’s coping abilities Staying at the night shelter is free for Tallinn residents.

If a child needs help, contact the children’s shelter, if you are a mother with a child, contact the parent and child shelter.