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Sports activity benefit

Sports activity benefit is for sports clubs and schools to organise the sports activities of Tallinn's children, young people and amateurs with impairments, aged between 7 and 19 and persons with permanent disablement (at least 40%).


Basic terms and conditions for receiving support:
1. The number of amateurs in the sports organisation is at least 25 (confirmed amateurs in Tallinn), except for the training groups of disabled children, young people, and people with permanent incapacity for work.
2. The amateur is a resident of Tallinn according to the population register.
3. The amateur is on the list of a sports club or sports school.
4. The request of an amateur with active legal capacity or a legal representative of an amateur (electronic notation, application) in favour of a sports club or sports school (an electronic confirmation can be effected via the e-service portal of Tallinn, see the proceedings for more detailed instructions).
5. A training group of amateurs is managed by a coach of at least Level 4 (EQF) qualification level.