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Support service for a person with mental illness

The purpose of the support service for a person with a mental illness is to support the coping of a person in an environment familiar to them and prevent more difficulties from arising or intensifying.

The service is intended for people who need support services but are not in the target group for special care services. The support service is also dedicated to people with mental illnesses who do not think that they need help. In this case, a family member or a medical professional will notify the service provider of the need for the service.


The target group of the Tallinn Mental Health Centre’s Community Care Team is adults with profound, severe or persistent mental illnesses who need a support service to cope with everyday life, but

  • whose motivation to cooperate is limited, unstable or non-existent;
  • who need the service for less than 4 hours a month.

The target group of Tallinn Mental Health Centre’s Therapy Centre, Lasnamäe Activity Centre and Haabersti Clubhouse is adults with severe, profound or persistent mental illnesses residing in Tallinn:

  • whose motivation to cooperate is limited or unclear and who need help with adapting to the activities of the establishment;
  • who don’t need the service on a regular basis or need it for less than 4 hours a month.

The service will not be provided to:

  • those whose primary mental illness is alcohol and/or drug addiction;
  • whose behaviour is aggressive or violent, putting others at risk;
  • old age pensioners diagnosed with dementia who do not have a profound, severe or persistent mental illness in addition to dementia.
  • people who have a learning disability or organic mental disorders caused by brain damage, dysfunction or somatic symptom disorder.