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Trade fair grant

Trade fair grant


Procedure for awarding grants for trade fairs (pdf)

Target group: Small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed persons in Tallinn planning to participate in trade fairs in Estonia, which are aimed at:

·         establishing business contacts;

·         finding new distribution channels;

·         promoting sales.

Objective: to support and facilitate the development of small business in Tallinn through participation in trade fairs.

Rate of support: EUR 1000 per applicant per calendar year. The maximum rate of the grant is 50% of the eligible expenses actually incurred.

Eligible expenses for participation in trade fairs:

·         The fair participation fee, provided that the quotation or invoice has been issued to the applicant by the fair organiser and the applicant has paid the fair organiser

·         The rental of the stand area, provided that the quotation or invoice has been issued to the applicant by the fair organiser and the applicant has paid the fair organiser

·         The cost of designing or constructing the stand or stand area

·         The cost of renting and setting up a card payment terminal

·         The cost of designing and printing video, informational and promotional material (excluding business cards)

Special conditions of the grant:

·         Expenditure is eligible, provided that it results from a transaction between the applicant and the enterprise and that, according to the latter’s annual reports submitted to the Commercial Register, the activity of the enterprise was the provision of the service concerned.

·         Applicants may receive a grant for no more than two fairs per calendar year. PLEASE NOTE: The expenses incurred as of the registration of the applicant to the trade fair until the submission of the final report are eligible.

·         Expenditure incurred on the basis of transactions between related parties is not eligible.

·         The application is submitted at least 21 calendar days before the start of the trade fair. Applications submitted later will not be reviewed.

Conditions for the applicant – companies and enterprises linked to natural persons who comply with the following conditions may apply for the foreign trade fair support:

·         An applicant who has operated for more than two financial years and submitted at least two annual reports to the Commercial Register, whose number of full-time employees in the last six months is at least one.

·         The applicant is registered in Tallinn according to the Commercial Register.

·         The applicant has been operating for at least one financial year and submitted at least one annual report to the Commercial Register.

·         The average number of the applicant’s full-time equivalent employees, based on the most recent annual report submitted to the Commercial Register, is no more than 20, and in the case of an applicant operating in the field of the manufacturing industry (according to The Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (hereinafter referred to as EMTAK) 2008, Section C), no more than 100. The applicant’s turnover, based on the last annual report submitted to the Commercial Register, is EUR 400,000 or less.

·         The applicant has paid all national and local taxes and they have no other debts to the City of Tallinn. If the aforementioned debts have been rescheduled, the payments must have been made according to the payment schedule. The applicant must have performed the obligation to file the tax returns stipulated in the Taxation Act and tax acts appropriately.

·         No liquidation, rehabilitation or bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated against the applicant and no bankruptcy decision has been made about them.

·         At least 51% of the shareholders of an applicant that is a company are natural persons.

·         The following areas of activity do not comprise more than 50% of the sales revenue indicated in the last annual report of the applicant submitted to the Commercial Register:
1) agriculture, forestry and fishery (EMTAK 2008, Division A)
2) production of beverages, excluding production of alcohol-free beverages, mineral water and other bottled water (EMTAK 2008, Division C, Subdivision 11, excluding Subdivision 1107)
3) production of tobacco products (EMTAK 2008, Division C, Subdivision 12)
4) wholesale and retail sale (EMTAK 2008, Division G)
5) financing and insurance activities (EMTAK 2008, Division K)
6) real estate activities (EMTAK 2008, Division L)
7) legal operations and accounting (EMTAK 2008, Division M, Subdivision 69); head office activities; management consultancy (EMTAK 2008, Division M, Subdivision 70); market research and public opinion polls (EMTAK 2008, Division M, Subdivision 732)
8) organisation of gambling and betting (EMTAK 2008, Division R, Subdivision 92)
Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK)


An application (and later an expense report) must be submitted via the self-service environment of the Tallinn Project and Operating Support Information System (TTR) in order to apply for trade fair grants.
PLEASE NOTE: After logging in to the self-service environment with your ID card, please select Operating Support (not Project Support) from the upper menu bar.
The application must be accompanied by the supporting documents requested on the application form, including quotations for all expenses indicated in the project budget.

Reporting: The report on participation in the trade fair must be submitted within 21 calendar days of the end of the trade fair in the self-service environment. The following documents must be submitted with the report:

·         documents evidencing that the eligible expenses were incurred and paid or copies of such documents (invoices and payment orders)

·         photos that prove participation in the trade fair

·         samples of informative and promotional prints as well as videos (if printed material has been produced for the fair)


Trade fair grants is considered de minimis aid and is awarded by the Tallinn Strategic Management Office’s Enterprise Service in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 and § 33 of the Competition Act. For further information on de minimis aid, please visit the website of the Ministry of Finance at 
You can check the balance of de minimis aid granted to your enterprise in
the Register of State Aid and de Minimis Aid.