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Use permit and notice of use

Use permit and notice of use


The use permit is a confirmation that the structure (building or facility) has been built on the basis of a building permit and can be used for the intended purpose.

In certain cases, to start using the building or change the purpose of use, it is enough to notify the local government with a notice of use.

Whether and which document is needed is specified in this table. (Appendix 1 to the Building Code)


When the building is in the final stages of construction and before it will be taken into use, the owner of the building has to apply for the authorisation of the use from the local administration. If the building is jointly owned by many persons, the application of the authorisation of the use must be submitted jointly. To execute necessary review activities the owner of the building informs the official of the construction supervision authority who recorded the commmencement of the construction works. The official will determine the authorities who will participate in the review of the building and they will check the conformity of the building and sign the building's review document, before issuing the right of use.