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Vehicle card application

Vehicle card application

A vehicle card is a document granted to a carrier which gives them the right to use the vehicle specified on the card to provide taxi service. In the Tallinn area, vehicle cards are issued by the Tallinn Municipal Police Department.

Conditions for the issuance of vehicle card


  •        The applicant has paid the state fee.
  •         The applicant doesn’t have tax liabilities or the payment of them is taking place in instalments.
  •         The vehicle has been entered into the motor register and passed a technical inspection (the information will be examined from the motor register).
  •         If the applicant is not the owner or the user of the vehicle, they must submit a contract of use.
  •         If taxi equipment (taximeter, printer, price lists, taxi sign) has been set up in the vehicle, the applicant must submit a taximeter adaptation certificate.
  •        The content of pollution in the vehicle’s exhaust gases comply to the EURO 5 standard.

Denouncement of a vehicle card

To denounce a vehicle card, send a digitally signed application by e-mail to [email protected] or bring it on paper to our office at Paldiski mnt 48a, Tallinn.