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Social benefits and services for children

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On this page you will find services and benefits provided by the City of Tallinn to children and families with children. The main goal of the support services is to prevent serious issues and to support the independent welfare of families.

Child benefits


Children with special needs

Support services for children with special needs; aid and rest for their caretakers.


Family counselling

Being a parent is an important position with great responsibility. Families do not have to face all challenges on their own. Feel free to ask for advice or look up useful materials online at You can also use the following free services


Family support services

Help from child welfare workers of the district administration social welfare department is available to children as well as parents. They form a respectful cooperative relationship with the family and work together to find solutions to problems. If you need help regarding your child, contact your district child welfare worker. Child welfare workers can direct children and families to various services.


Shelter and foster care

Shelters for children or families with children who need temporary shelter due to abuse or unforeseen life events.


Do you wish to support the welfare of children in Tallinn?

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

For more information on services and aid, contact your local district social welfare department.

District Contacts:

Haabersti District Administration
Ehitajate tee 109a/1
Marina Keizo

City Centre Administration
Pärnu mnt 9
Marge Rungi 
 645 7846  

Kristiine District Administration
Metalli 5
Merle Priimäe            
645 7135  

Lasnamäe District Administration
Pallasti tn 54
Kristiina Keerd 
645 7706 

Mustamäe District Administraton
E.Vilde tee 118
Kadri Jõks 
645 7563  

Nõmme District Administration
Valdeku tn 13
Kati Valma 
645 7382 

Pirita District Administration
Kloostri tee 6
Jelena Afonova 
645 7179 

Põhja-Tallinna District Administration
Kari tn 13
Katrin Laur 
645 7075  

Last modified 30.10.2023