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Social support and livelihood

Social support and livelihood

See which assistance services and benefits are provided for people and families in Tallinn who are struggling. 

Social benefits

  • Subsistence benefit - Financial aid for a person or a family to ensure essential resources needed for everyday life (food, clothes, housing costs etc).
  • Income-based allowances - Aid for compensating the cost of medication, assistance aids or other tools necessary for life. 


Advisory and practical help to achieve better economic viability, answers to work-related and legal questions and psychological support for coping with difficulties in life.


Social housing is for people and families that are unable to ensure their own housing and need help with everyday life (social services and benefits).

  • Social housing - Housing for people or families who are not able to ensure their own housing and need help coping with everyday life (social services and benefits).
  • Support for returning to an independent life - Assisting a person or family and advising them on how to maintain or improve their ability to live independently. Includes housing.
  • Shelters - Accommodation for a person who does not have a place of residence, ensuring a temporary place to stay or sleep.

Other social aid

  • A day centre for homeless people - A place where a homeless person can spend time during the day and receive support services. 
  • Soup kitchen - A warm meal once a day 
  • Saunas - Shower facilities for people who do not have them at their place of residence, sauna service for a fee
  • Food aid - Food aid for low-income people and families 

Do not hesitate to contact your city district administration about the services and benefits! 

District Contacts:

Haabersti District Administration
Ehitajate tee 109a
Angela Altmets
640 4862, 640 4823
[email protected]

City Centre Administration
Pärnu maantee 8
Merike Jaanhold-Lintal
+372 645 7832
[email protected]  

Kristiine District Administration
Metalli 9
Maie Takel
+372 645 7140
[email protected]  

Lasnamäe District Administration
Pallasti 54
General phone: +372 645 7700
[email protected]

Nõmme District Administration
Valdeku tn 13
General phone: +372 645 7333
[email protected]

Pirita District Administration
Kloostri tee 6
Helene Liivak
+372 645 7622
[email protected]

Northern Tallinn Administration
Kari 13
General phone:
+372 645 7071
[email protected]



Last modified 19.03.2024