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Social Welfare and Health Care Department

Paldiski mnt 48a
10614 Tallinn
Phone: +372 6457 440
Head – Raimo Saadi

Main tasks

  • maintaining and improving the quality of life of the people living in Tallinn and their ability to function and participate in society;
  • coordinating and organising the provision of health services, national health protection, health promotion and social welfare through municipal companies, municipal institutions, legal entities under private law and sole traders;
  • planning the quantity and location of the human and material resources required for guaranteeing health services and social welfare for the residents of Tallinn; including designing the structure and volume of welfare and health care institutions;
  • developing the principles for distributing the budgetary funds allocated for social welfare and health care to the social welfare departments of city districts and to welfare and health care institutions;
  • organising the possession, use and disposal of the municipal property given to the board for management pursuant to the procedure stipulated in the legal acts of Tallinn;
  • informing residents of Tallinn about the options and conditions of receiving health services and social welfare;
  • collecting and analysing data about the resources of health services and social welfare, giving the City Government and City Council the information they require for making decisions concerning health services and social welfare;
  • implementing a social register that functions on common bases, conducting analyses and keeping statistics;
  • organising in-service training for social welfare and health care professionals;
  • cooperating with the city's administrative agencies, other institutions, state agencies and non-profit associations and foundations.


Last modified 24.09.2020