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Public sports fields of Haaberst district

Public sports fields of Haaberst district

Name Address Description
Paldiski mnt 169b basketball court Paldiski mnt 169b Asphalt covered basketball court with artificial lighting
Järveotsa tee 47a basketball court Järveotsa tee 47a Asphalt basketball court
Astangu tn 74 basketball court Astangu 74 Asphalt basketball court, no lines
Astangu tn 74 multifunctional ball court Astangu 74 Multifunctional ball court with artificial grass
Õismäe tee 4 basketball court Õismäe tee 150b Asphalt basketball court
Õismäe tee 54a basketball court Õismäe 54a Asphalt basketball court with 1 basket
Õismäe tee 74a basketball court Õismäe tee 74a Asphalt basketball court with 1 basket
Õismäe tee 113 basketball court Õismäe tee õueala 6 Asphalt basketball court
Ehitajate tee 111 basketball court Õismäe tee 199a Asphalt basketball court
Aaviku residential area sports fields Nõeliku tänav Artificial tennis and basketball courts, outdoor gym with 2 equipment
Kakumäe beach area ball courts  Räime tn 52 Asphalt basketball court, beach soccer and beach volleyball courts
Järveotsa tee 13 basketball court Järveotsa tee õueala 1 Asphalt basketball court
Järveotsa tee 15a beach volleyball court Järveotsa tee 15a Sand court for playing beach volleyball
Õismäe tee 130 skatepark Õismäe tee 130 The skate park is depreciated and TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Õismäe tee 110a pumptrack Õismäe tee 110a The Pumptrack cycle track is suitable for cyclists, scooter riders and skateboarders
Astangu tn 74  Astangu tn 74  
Harkujärve  Paldiski mnt 126  
Järveotsa tee 47a  Järveotsa tee 47a  
Järveotsa Järveotsa tee T9  
Pirni tn 4a Pirni tn 4a  
Õismäe tee 106a Õismäe tee 106a  
Õismäe tee 74a Õismäe tee 74a  
Väike-Õismäe Väike-Õismäe puhkeala  
Aaviku Nõeliku tänav  
Kakumäe Kakumäe metsapark  
Kakumäe outdoor trainers Räime tn 52  
Õismäe tee 118a outdoor trainers Õismäe tee 118a  
Õismäe tee 110a outdoor trainers Õismäe tee 110a  
Õismäe pog (Vana-Rannamõisa tee) Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 63 6 training devices: squat bench, chest press, body bench, shoulder bench, pull-up bench, incline bench and biceps bench. Two wheelchair accessible exercise machines.
Õismäe raba outdoor gym (Vabaõhumuuseumi tee) Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 63 Street workout training elements and 6 training devices: squat bench, chest press bench, body bench, shoulder bench, back pull bench, incline bench press and biceps bench.


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Open the list of layers from the button in the upper left corner, open the list of health sports layers from the arrow sign, and make the desired facilities visible from the buttons in front of them. Click on the icon to see information about the selected object on the map.

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