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Sports facilities in Tallinn

Sports facilities in Tallinn

Public sports facilities and outdoor gyms in Tallinn:

Haabersti district
City centre
Kristiine district
Lasnamäe district
Mustamäe district
Nõmme district
Pirita district

Health trails in Tallinn and its surroundings:

Pirita health trails 
3,8 km, 3,4 km, 7,2 km
Nõmme-Harku health trails 
1 km, 2 km, 3 km, 5 km, 15 km
Ilmarise health trails
0,5 km

Pae health trails
1,8 km
Merimetsa health trails
1,8 km, 1,2 km
Õismäe health trails
2 km
Kakumäe health trails
0,7 km

Järve health trails
2,3 km
Jüri health trails
1,6 km, 2,6 km ning 5,2 km
Saku health trails 
0,7 km, 2 km, 3,5 km, 7 km
Saue Sarapiku health trails
1,3 km

Keila health trails
3 km, 4 km, 5 km ja 7,5 km
Rohuneeme health trails
1-5 km
Karulaugu health trails
2,6 km
Tädu health trails
500m, 2,1 km ja 2,6 km
Tabasalu health trails
6 km

More information:

Find the nearest sports venue on the online map of Tallinn.
Open the list of layers from the button in the upper left corner, open the list of 'tervisesport' layers from the arrow sign, and make the desired facilities visible from the buttons in front of them. Click on the icon to see information about the selected object on the map.

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Last modified 06.10.2023