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Sports and Youth Department

Juhkentali tn 12Sport and Youth Department main building on Juhkentali street 12
10132 Tallinn

Phone: +372 6404 585

Main tasks

  • comprehensive development and management of youth work and youth sports;
  • creating opportunities for the city's residents for leisure activities;
  • creating and coordinating opportunities for recreational activities for young people, organising training;
  • contributing to the activities of non-profit associations, foundations, hobby schools and private schools that deal with youth sport and youth work, including consultations, granting financial support and purchasing their services;
  • creating and administering a sports and youth work information network;
  • cooperation with other towns, Estonian and international sports organisations and youth work structures and participating in national and international projects;
  • supporting the organisation of citywide and international sports and youth events;
  • conducting and analysing surveys to ascertain requests for leisure activities, distributing information;
  • designing and implementing a policy for developing and operating the network of sports facilities belonging to the City of Tallinn;
  • supporting the organisation of youth camps, including work, holiday and specialty camps;
  • creating a system of open youth centres, whose main activities include youth integration policy and its development and coordination;
  • organising the possession, use and disposal of the municipal property given to the board for management pursuant to the procedure stipulated in the legal acts of Tallinn;
  • participating in the preparation of the crisis management plan of Tallinn and performance of the tasks that are in the area of responsibility of the administrative agency pursuant to the crisis management plan;
  • performing all other tasks assigned to the board in the legal acts of Tallinn.

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Last modified 19.11.2022