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Climate-neutral Tallinn. Tallinn Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2030

Climate-neutral Tallinn. Tallinn Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2030

"Climate-neutral Tallinn. Tallinn Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2030" is a cross-sectoral development document that specifies the strategic goal of the development strategy Tallinn 2035 to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and creates a specific action plan to fulfil the commitment set out in the Covenant of Mayors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of cities by 40% by the year 2030.

Climate-neutral Tallinn is based on the European Commission’s Green Deal and the European Union’s long-term vision ‘A Clean Planet for all’ which was approved by the Government of the Republic on 3 October 2019 in support of the goal of climate neutrality across the European Union by 2050.

Climate-neutral Tallinn is a comprehensive system of political, economic, technological, educational and administrative activities in order to: 

  • reduce the climate impact of urban living and management; 
  • adapt to climate change, as it will not be possible to stop climate change any time soon; and 
  • do all this in a diversifying, innovative and economically smart manner for the economy and the urban environment. 

Climate-neutral Tallinn has set goals for both climate change mitigation and adaptation:  

  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions (hereinafter referred to as GHG) by 40% by the year 2030 and to work towards climate neutrality. 
  • To plan actions to better adapt to the changes and risks posed by climate change. 

The measures to be taken to achieve these objectives are divided into courses of actions: 

  • reduction of GHG emissions from buildings; 
  • reduction of GHG emissions from transport; 
  • reduction of GHG emissions from the energy sector; 
  • adaptation to climate change; 
  • raising awareness of climate change and improving administrative capacity to handle it.

Climate-neutral Tallinn describes not only the activities of the City Government, but also the activities of the state, the private sector and residents. This means that the goals set are achieved jointly and the contribution of the state, the city and the private sector is needed to finance the activities. A variety of funding sources can be used, including public-private partnership (PPP) and private sector contributions through co-operative involvement.

Funding from European Union funds is also requested for the implementation of the activities, as significant financial resources are allocated for the implementation of the European Green Deal. Examples of such activities are investments in the development of climate-neutral public transport and mobility, the implementation of pilot projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and to develop green and blue infrastructure, the implementation of green technology, public information campaigns and environmental education programmes as well as other activities.

The measures of Climate-neutral Tallinn are implemented through the operational programmes of the budget strategy and annual budgets. They identify the cost of the planned activities, the timetable for implementation during the current budget strategy period and the responsible actors but also the indicators set for results/outputs.

Climate-neutral Tallinn was approved by the City Council on June 3, 2021.

Climate-neutral Tallinn Tallinn Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2030

Last modified 02.09.2021