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Feedback on draft development plan (2019)

Feedback on draft development plan (2019)

We have published the draft development plan here in mid-May (English translation here). All citizens can provide feedback on the draft and submit proposals for specific action. Feedback can be provided until the 17th of november 2019.

YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK ON THE DRAFT HERE. Please select the appropriate topic (1 - general feedback; 2 - feedback on vision and overall objectives; 3 - feedback on sectoral objectives) and subtopic and let us know what you think! Use the login method of your choice to submit your feedback.

You can also contribute by filling out the simple QUESTIONNAIRE HERE.

Even though the feedback page is in Estonian you can write down your thoughts in Russian, Finnish or English too. By using any of the listed languages you can be sure that we understand your ideas.

Alternatively, you can e-mail your feedback to [email protected]

Last modified 11.11.2022