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Substitute for a carer looking after a family member

A carer looking after a family member can receive short-term free time in order to go to the doctor’s, the store or simply on a walk. A social worker will take care of the person needing care during this time.

  • The service will only be provided if both the carer and the person they are taking care of reside in Tallinn according to the Population Registry.
  • The service is provided for minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 16 hours a month for one person (including up to 30 min of carer's coming and going from the person who needs care). 

Good to know:

  • The service will be provided at the client’s home in Estonian or Russian.
  • The service is available on weekdays 7:00-22:00.
  • The service is free for the client.
  • The service provider will fulfil service orders within seven days at the latest.