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Tallinn aims to improve street maintenance with new contracts  

The Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department has launched a call for tenders to seek contract partners for the maintenance of main roads and road facilities, public transport stops and roadside green areas for the next seven years. The new contracts are aimed to improve the quality of maintenance in both summer and winter.

"The existing contracts will expire at the end of this year, after which new maintenance partners will take over. In preparing the contracts, we have taken into account the past few years’ experience of extremely snowy and variable winters. Our goal is to ensure that roads and streets are passable in all weathers to encourage walking, cycling and public transport. We want the work to be of a higher quality in the new period, and to this end we are making some changes to our approach," said Tallinn Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet.

The new service provider will have to ensure that the year-round condition of the streets is in line with the condition levels set for the streets, including snow and ice control, snow removal, spring grit removal, summer wet cleaning, street washing and watering where necessary, autumn leaf clearance, litter and debris clearance and condition monitoring, as well as maintenance of roadside green areas.

The new contracts set shorter maintenance cycles for sidewalks, footpaths and cycle paths with intensive use and specify the list of streets with snow removal obligations. Grit bins are to be installed at bus stops and at high traffic risk areas, so that they are immediately available throughout the winter in the event of a rapid change in weather conditions.

As a European Green Capital, Tallinn contributes to preserving the diversity of species in the urban environment, so it is planned to differentiate the frequency of landscape maintenance to better regulate the height of grass growth.

"We are signing new contracts for seven years, and we expect that this will motivate our partners to invest in new equipment and staff training, which in turn will result in better maintained urban spaces. I would also like to thank the city's present maintenance partners who have given their best during the recent difficult winters," Svet added.