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Tallinn City Council

Vana-Viru 12, 15080 Tallinn (See on map)
Phone +372 694 3201

The Tallinn City Council is the representative body of the local government unit of Tallinn, which is elected by residents of the city who have the right to vote on the basis of the Local Government Council Election Act for a duration of four years. 


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The Tallinn City Council’s regular info hour is held on Thursdays of every even week from 14:00-15:00.
Info hour agenda 
Info hour broadcasts

Video recordings
 Audio recordings


Elections of the Tallinn City Council’s 10th assembly elections took place on 17 October 2021 and terms of office began on 11 November 2021.

Membership of the City Council, its leadership, factions and standing committees
Resolutions of the Electoral Committee of the City of Tallinn

City Council Chairman Jevgeni Ossinovski

Jevgeni Ossinovski_koduleheküljele

Chairman’s advisor Katri Eespere
Executive assistant Kaia-Liisa Laaniste

Deputy Chairman Marek Jürgenson


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Deputy Chairman´s advisor Elina Rannaste:


Regular sittings of the city council are held on Thursdays of every even week, starting at 16:00.

  • The sitting is convened by the council chairman or their deputy. In the absence of both it is convened by the oldest member of the city council. The first sitting of a newly elected council is convened by the Electoral Committee chairman or their deputy on the seventh day after the declaration of elections results at the latest.
  • The chairman or their deputy also convenes the city council sitting if proposed by the city administration or by at least 1/4 of the city council to discuss question put forward by them.
  • The Mayor also participates in sittings, and in the case of their absence is substituted by one of the deputy mayors.
  • The City Council issues regulations as legislation of general application and adopts resolutions as individual acts.

Drafts, regulations and resolutions

Agendas and protocols of sittings:

Live broadcast
Live broadcast audio transmission in real time (link opens only during the session)


Permanent committees
Education and Culture Committee
Innovation Committee
Environment and Climate Committee
Order and Consumer Protection Committee
City Planning Committee
City Property Committee
Finance Committee
Audit Committee
Social Welfare and Health Care Committee
Judicial Committee

Committee agendas and protocols

Committee management reports:

Committee management reports of the 10th assembly Committee management reports of the 9th assembly from 2020 onwards For previous management reports please refer to the Tallinn City Council Office.

Reception hours

Keskerakond (Centre Party) faction
Vana-Viru 12, room 114
Valentina Bortnovski
Tel. +372 694 3227

Inga-Bel Lilium
Tel. +372 6943218 5215

Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond (Social Democrat Party) Faction

Vana-Viru 12, room 110
Alissa Ait
Tel. +372 694 3222

Isamaa erakond (Fatherland Party) faction
Vana-Viru 12, room 104
Kristjan Ühtid
Tel. +372 694 3233

Konservatiivne rahvaerakond (Conservative People’s Party) faction
Mondays at 18:00
Vana-Viru 12, room 105
Kadri Vilba
Tel. +372 694 3208

Reformierakond (Reform Party) faction
Vana-Viru 12, room 101
Elisabeth Valdmann
Tel. +372 694 3231

Eesti 200 Party
Vana-Viru 12, room 103
Joanna Veeremaa
Tel. +372 694 3248

Information point
Mon - Wed 8:30 - 17:00
Thu      8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Fri      8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m


  • The Tallinn City Council functions as a plenary. The working bodies of the city council are the leadership, permanent and temporary committees and factions.
  • A faction can be formed by five or more members of the city council who have been elected according to the same electoral list. City council members belonging to the same electoral list can only form one faction.
  • The city council authorises permanent committees according to problem areas, including the audit committee. The committees investigate issues related to city life and propose solutions to them. The audit committee controls the activities of the City Administration and its administrative agencies.
  • The City Council issues regulations as legislation of general application and adopts resolutions as individual acts. Information regarding pending legal drafts, sitting protocols, etc. can be found in the information system Teele.
  • The organisation of the city council's affairs, economic services and the work of the city council, its committees and factions are ensured by the City Council Office.
  • Regular sittings of the city council are held on Thursdays of every even week, starting at 16:00. Sittings can be viewed in real time or in the recordings archive.
  • The work of the city council is regulated by the Tallinn City Council rules of procedure.

City Council Jurisdiction

When deciding on issues under local government jurisdiction, the city council remains independent and only acts in the name and interests of city residents.

Under the city council’s sole jurisdiction are:

  • adoption and alteration of the city budget, establishing, changing and repealing of local taxes
  • granting support
  • adoption of the Tallinn development plan
  • forming and dissolution of districts, determination of their jurisdictions and approval of statutes
  • election of the mayor and releasing them from office
  • approval of the number, structure and candidates of the city administration

The full list can be found in the Statute of Tallinn.


For members of the city council

Citizen of the Year contest

The Tallinn City Council has been selecting a citizen of the year since 2018, to recognise citizens of Tallinn who have made efforts to better Tallinn’s international reputation, develop, improve and change city life or have performed some special deed during the previous year (last twelve months).
Candidates can be put forward by both private and legal individuals. The candidate must be a resident of Tallinn according to the Population Register.

The Tallinn City Council forms a selection committee for the citizen of the year that consists of city council faction representatives (either chairman or deputy chairman) and the receivers of the Tallinn Coat of Arms award that year are also asked to participate. The city council chairman serves as the committee chairman.

The title of Citizen of the Year and associated gift are granted during a Tallinn City Council sitting in either November or December.
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