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Tallinn City Council Presidium

The Presidium of Tallinn City Council consists of the chairman and vice-chairman of the council, chairmen of committees and factions and the chairmen of city districts. Tallinn city mayor takes part in Presidium work; during his/her absence the deputy mayor or city secretary fulfils the functions.

The Chairman of the City Council chairs the Presidium. During his/her absence, the vice-chairman replaces the chairman according to the procedure established and fulfils the functions of the Chairman of the Presidium.

Presidium of Tallinn City Council:

  • Considers and gives its opinion on draft bills to be submitted to the meeting of the Council.
  • Decides whether draft resolutions needed to be submitted to the Council for consideration shall be returned to committees for reviewing or put on the agenda of a Council meeting.


Last modified 19.11.2022