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Tallinn City Office

Address: Vabaduse väljak 7
15199 Tallinn
Telephone: 640 4141
Registration number: 75014920
City Office is managed by the City Secretary Priit Lello.

The purpose of the City Office is to ensure the provide organisational, administrative and technical support to the Tallinn City Government (hereinafter City Government) and assist municipal bodies in exercising their executive powers and performing their functions.

The City Office is guided by its Statutes that provide for the following functions:

  • The core function of the City Office is to provide organisational and technical support to ensure the functioning of the City Government; performance and coordination of public functions of the city, participation in the management of activities of municipal bodies as well as companies, foundations and non-profit associations controlled by the city (hereinafter legal entities controlled by the city) through its divisions, providing them with support services in areas laid down by municipal legislation, and monitoring them in accordance with the legislative provisions.

The City Office performs its functions through its divisions, departments that report directly to the City Secretary (deputising for Head of City Office), and its other structural units.

Functions in the field of administration

  • Ensure the development and submission for approval of rules for administrative procedures and other guidelines at municipal bodies
  • Manage the introduction of quality assurance methods, standards for administrative procedures, flowcharts for documents, and electronic records management processes at municipal bodies
  • Organise the operation and development of information systems for managing administrative documents, oversee the management of contracts covering such information systems, and manage the drafting of frameworks of reference for and outsourcing of software development as well as testing and implementation of developed software
  • Analyse and assess the quality of administration, including adherence to administrative routines by municipal bodies; propose quality improvements; initiate and participate in developments to improve quality

Functions in the field of property management

  • Ensure and coordinate the maintenance of property used by municipal bodies
  • Ensure and coordinate the accounting of fixed and low-value assets used by municipal bodies
  • Coordinate the management of public procurement financed from the municipal budget, manage joint procurement, and monitor the implementation of joint procurement
  • Provide technical and administrative support to the Members of City Government and the staff of City Office, and ensure the availability of tools and equipment they need to perform their duties

Functions in the field of legal services

  • Ensure the conformity of legislative drafts of the City Council and City Government with national and municipal legislation
  • Coordinate the handling of legal issues to be addressed by the city
  • Coordinate the proper representation of the city’s interests in judicial proceedings or vis-a-vis other authorities or third parties
  • Coordinate language use across municipal legislation
  • Coordinate the approval of membership of Tallinn Electoral Committee and District Councils and the making of any changes therein, manage the administrative affairs of the Committee, and participate in the preparation and implementation of elections and referendums and local public surveys.

Functions in the field of information technology

  • Manage the provision of IT services to the City Government and municipal bodies, including ensure the proper maintenance and functioning of IT equipment
  • Coordinate the drafting of the IT development strategy of municipal bodies, and the development and implementation of the quality management system in the field of IT
  • Coordinate the development and administration of the municipal information systems
  • Coordinate the development and administration of an integral IT infrastructure for municipal bodies
  • Coordinate the development of security measures for the municipal IT infrastructure and monitor compliance with said measures
  • Monitor the availability of proper documentation for hardware and network equipment used by municipal bodies

Functions in the field of human resource management

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of harmonised principles of human resource management across municipal bodies
  • Develop software for human resource management and manage human resource accounting of municipal bodies
  • Coordinate and organise recruitment and selection, training and personal development, career planning, and issues related to remuneration and occupational health and safety
  • Plan and organise centralised training across municipal bodies
  • Carry out human resource management tasks assigned to the City Office
  • Conduct the recruitment and selection of executive staff of municipal authorities, their training and personal development, career planning, and manage remuneration issues

Functions in the field of municipal finances

  • Organise financial management of the city and see to the attainment of financial objectives in coordination with municipal authorities
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of harmonised principles of financial management
  • Coordinate the development of the municipal budget strategy, the drafting of the municipal budget and, where necessary, the supplementary budget, and participate in related proceedings
  • Organise the management of municipal finances, manage and coordinate the city’s financial accounting and reporting
  • Manage the administration and development of the city’s financial information system
  • Provide municipal bodies and executives with opinions, assessments and approvals related to the financial sphere

Functions in the field of planning of urban development

  • Manage the drafting and compliance monitoring of the long-term development strategy and the development plan of the city
  • Coordinate and supervise the drafting of sectoral and territorial development-related documents
  • Coordinate and develop public services across municipal bodies, including develop centralised public services provided by the city
  • Conduct surveys and research required by the city, collect statistical information and ensure its availability for the drafting of legislative and development-related documents and for routine management decisions
  • Coordinate cooperation between municipal bodies on the one hand and universities, institutions of professional higher education and other research and development institutions on the other hand
  • Coordinate and supervise the preparation of international projects to obtain foreign funding for meeting the city’s development goals, and support and monitor the implementation of such projects
  • Manage the implementation of the city’s programme on integration and ethnic relations, including organise a call for tenders for supporting non-profit activities

Functions in the field of public relations

  • Collect, systematise and disseminate information concerning the activities of City Government Members and municipal bodies performed in their official capacity, and develop the web site of Tallinn
  • Manage the public relations of City Government Members and municipal bodies
  • Coordinate the activities of municipal media channels
  • Manage internal communication in the City Office and coordinate internal communication of other municipal bodies
  • Coordinate any activities related to the city’s trademarks and brands
  • Organise the supply of operational information and counselling at the customer service bureau of the City Government, and provision of essential public services

Functions in the field of international relations

  • Devise policies for managing Tallinn’s international relations and coordinate their implementation
  • Coordinate and organise cooperation between Tallinn and foreign municipalities, including Tallinn’s partner cities, and international and regional organisations and associations where Tallinn is a member
  • See to the arrangement of receptions related to official visits, international events or other formal events of the city, and advise municipal bodies on holding events that are subject to protocol
  • In coordination with municipal bodies, organise events in Tallinn and abroad to introduce Tallinn and promote the city’s international relations and image (city days, seminars, conferences, study visits or the like)
  • Manage the reception of the city’s official guests and delegations from partner cities
  • Organise foreign visits of City Government Members and official delegations of the city
  • Collect information on the city’s international relations and ensure the availability of necessary information to City Government Members and municipal bodies
  • Represent the city vis-a-vis foreign embassies in Estonia and Estonian embassies abroad
  • Represent the city vis-a-vis the European Union, promote collaboration with EU institutions, organisations and contact networks that are relevant for our municipal authorities, and manage efforts to promote Tallinn as an innovative municipality and an attractive tourist destination

Functions in the field of internal audit

  • Provide independent opinions on the regularity and expediency (incl. economy, efficiency and effectiveness) of the activities of municipal bodies and legal entities controlled by the city, and the functioning of internal controls; propose improvements in the internal control system of the city
  • Manage and coordinate internal audit activities of municipal bodies and legal entities controlled by the city, including develop the city’s internal audit strategy and principles; coordinate risk assessment and carry out internal audits in municipal bodies
  • Monitor the regularity and expediency of the activities of municipal bodies and legal entities controlled by the city, including conduct supervisory control and departmental investigations, and review challenges filed with the City Government
  • Manage and coordinate the anti-corruption efforts of municipal authorities

Further information

The City Office manages the headquarters of City Government at Vabaduse väljak 7 and other buildings at Vabaduse väljak 10 and Harju 13, plus the Town Hall, the Roosikrantsi Residence, the Särgava Guesthouse and the House of Jaan Poska.

Tallinn City Office customer service bureau

Statutes of structural units of Tallinn City Office available in Estonian 

Last modified 11.09.2022