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Tallinn increases subsidies for school meals from 1 September

Tallinn City Government has decided to increase the city's subsidy for school meals for pupils from 1 September 2022, bringing the cost of school meals to €1.56 per day. In Tallinn, school meals are free of charge for both primary and secondary school students. 

"School lunch is undoubtedly an important meal for pupils, and growing bodies need food that is of high quality and varied. In the context of continuing price increases, it is no longer possible to meet these requirements for the same amount of money that has been available for years," said Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev. "In order to ensure that children can continue to have a healthy and tasty school lunch in the new school year, we have decided to increase the city's contribution by 22 cents per child. We are also pleased that school lunches in Tallinn are free of charge for pupils, as this means that they are available to all children."    

The new school lunch will cost €1.56 per day, of which the state's share will be €1.00 and the city's €0.56. This year, the cost of school meals has been covered for around 45,070 pupils. Additional funds to cover the cost of school meals for pupils have been approved in Tallinn's second supplementary budget for 2022, with a budget of €743,606.  

At least 70% of the subsidy will be used by the catering service provider to buy food and up to 30% to organise the catering.