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Tallinn Urban Planning Department

Tallinn Urban Planning Department


Address: Vabaduse väljak 7, 15198 Tallinn
Phone: +372 640 4375
[email protected]
Registry code 75023823
Tallinn Urban Planning Department
Deputising for the Head of the Department: Oliver Alver



The goal of the Tallinn Urban Planning Department is to ensure a good quality of life and a safe and clean urban space for the residents of Tallinn. The Department organises the sustainable and harmonious development of the city of Tallinn, taking into account the values of the existing urban environment and creates the prerequisites for the long-term and coherent development of the cultural, social, economic and natural environment.
Work hours and reception

MONDAY 8:15am to 6pm
TUESDAY-THURSDAY 8:15am to 5pm
FRIDAY 8:15am to 4pm

If you want to make an appointment with an official, please book a time with them by phone or e-mail. Contact information can be found in the phone book and by work area.

To meet with the Head of the Department, please send an e-mail for pre-registration at [email protected]. In the letter, please state the specific circumstances of the appeal (address, subject, whether it is a pending procedure, etc.).


Deputising for the Head of the Department: Oliver Alver
Employees who directly report to the Head of Department

Legal Unit
Heritage Protection Unit
Construction Unit
Surveillance Division
Geodesy and Land Management Unit
Zoning Plans Service


Among other things, the department has to take care of:

  • spatial development and planning of the city
  • construction supervision and acceptance of buildings
  • land management operations, land surveying and geodetic works, determining the intended purpose of a cadastral unit
  • supervision of the points of the geodetic main network and the administrative border of the city
  • organisation of naming places and assigning addresses
  • work related to the Old Town of Tallinn as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • cultural heritage located in Tallinn, recognition for cultural monuments and protection of monuments
  • ecologically valuable built-up areas, including the determination of their terms of protection and use
  • consulting on the construction of monuments and buildings and valuable individual objects located in environmentally valuable areas and supporting restoration activities
  • procedures for permits and design conditions in the field of construction, as well as the processing of permits for works carried out on monuments, their protection zones and the heritage protection area of the Old Town of Tallinn and the supervision of these works.

Information about the services provided by the Tallinn Urban Planning Department can be found in the service database.

Work and internship

See all active job advertisements in the city of Tallinn. 

Students who are at least in their second year of study at an educational institution registered in the Republic of Estonia are eligible for an internship.

In order to take part in the internship, the following must be submitted:

  • application for internship (DOC file)
  • your educational institution’s internship guide
  • academic statement
  • CV (the following form can also be used (DOC file))

Please send the documents at least one month before the desired start of the internship to the Department’s contact person (Silva Pastak). Applicants will be contacted within two weeks.

Internships in the departments of the city of Tallinn are regulated by the Internships Procedure.

Salary details

Salary details are published on the webpage on Ministry of Finance.

Public Procurements

Procurements with a purchase procedure

Information about the Tallinn Urban Planning Department’s ongoing and completed public procurements, including design contests, can be found in the Public Procurements Register.

When organising public procurements, the Tallinn Urban Planning Department follows the Public Procurement Act and the Tallinn Procurement Procedure.

Tallinn Urban Planning Department Procurement Plan

Procurement archive
Idea contests held 
Concluded contract


Studies ordered by the Tallinn Urban Planning Department can be found in the Tallinn Study Information System.

Procedural Restrictions

Information about activities and decisions for which procedural restrictions are not applied is published here (§ 11 subsection 3 clauses 4, 5 and 7 of the Anti-Corruption Act). Procedural restrictions will not be applied and a notice must be published:

  • if the replacement of an official is not possible as a person meeting the requirements for the replacement could not be found;
  • in regards to actions or decisions with which the institution performing a public task ensures the organisation of its work, with the exception of service-related decisions;
  • in a city institution if, taking into account the specificities of the local government unit, the application of the procedural restrictions would be unreasonable from the point of view of public interest.

Currently, there are no such notices.


Tallinn Urban Planning Department Statute
Archive Statute (DOC file)
Construction Unit Statute (DOC file)
Geodesy and Land Management Unit Statute (DOC file)
Zoning Plans Service Statute (DOC file)
Tallinn Plans Register Statute

Last modified 21.02.2024