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Tallinn Vital Statistics Department

Tallinn Vital Statistics Department


Address Pärnu mnt 67, 10135 Tallinn
Phone +372 645 7480
[email protected]
Registry code 75014853

Tallinn Vital Statistics Department performs vital and population statistics procedures and provides related services to the city of Tallinn.


Work hours, reception and contact information

We recommend using electronic communication whenever possible for civil status and population activities. Please send applications by e-mail [email protected].  Please note that the law does not allow marriage applications and divorce applications, as well as applications for personal ID codes, to be submitted and digitally signed by e-mail. 

24.06.2024 CLOSED

MONDAY  9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5:30pm
TUESDAY 1pm to 5pm
WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
FRIDAY 9am to 1pm

Work hours:
MONDAY 8:15am to 6pm
TUESDAY-THURSDAY 8:15am to 5pm
FRIDAY 8:15am to 4pm

To make an appointment with the head of the department, send an email to [email protected] . In the letter, indicate the circumstances of the application (address, topic, whether the application is under consideration, etc.).

Changes in Tallinn's public transport routes and timetables can be seen on the webpage. 
Information about excavation works, temporary closure of a street or other road maintenance works taking place in the area can be found

Direct phone lines

  • marriage proceedings (phone +372 645 7483)
  • divorce proceedings (phone +372 645 7498)
  • birth registration (+372 645 7488)
  • name change (phone +372 645 7486)
  • operations abroad (phone +372 645 7481)
  • certificates, including archive (phone +372 645 7487
  • death registration in special cases (phone +372 645 7496)
PLEASE NOTE! In general, death does not have to be registered at the registrar, as the obligation and right to register the death and issue the primary death certificate rests with health care providers (family doctor, hospital, ambulance, etc.). The Vital Statistics Department retains the competence to register a death only in special cases (death of a foreign citizen without a personal ID number in Estonia, death in a foreign country, etc.). Read more on the Ministry of the Interior’s website.

The Head of Department Kristi Kail
Employees who directly report to the Head of Department

Civil Registry Operations Unit
Population Procedures Department
Management Subunit

The entire structure of the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department


Among other things, the department is tasked with:

  • performing actions related to the Population Register (including making entries to change residence data and correcting and changing data)
  • performing civil status actions (including marriage registration, divorce, birth registration, death registration and changing gender data)
  • making legal changes to names and making decisions on new names
  • organising formal ceremonies for the conclusion of marriage
  • providing extracts of marital status data and copies of marital status documents (including issuing certificates of marital capacity, data of documents reflecting a change in family and name law and data based on legitimate interest)
  • forming ID codes
  • arranging the payment of Tallinn's birth allowance
  • presenting statistics on changes in the number of inhabitants of Tallinn

Information about the services provided by the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department can be found in the service database.

Salary details

Salary details are published on the webpage on Public Administration.

Public Procurements

Public procurements of the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department are published in the Public Procurements Register.
Legislations, useful information, frequently asked questions and user manuals of the public procurement register related to organising public procurements can be found on the Ministry of Finance website.
Tallinn Procurement Procedure
Tallinn Vital Statistics Department Procurement Plan 2024

Procurement Plan 2023
Procurement Plan 2022
Procurement Plan 2021
Procurement Plan 2020
Procurement Plan 2019
Procurement Plan 2018

Job advertisements

See all active job advertisements in the city of Tallinn.


Students who are at least in their second year of study at an educational institution registered in the Republic of Estonia are eligible for an internship. The purpose of the internship is to give the student the opportunity to gain work experience in a local government department.
In order to take part in the internship, the following must be submitted:

  • application for internship (DOC file)
  • your educational institution’s internship guide
  • academic statement
  • CV (the following form can also be used (DOC file))
Please send the documents at least one month before the desired start of the internship to the Department’s contact person (Kersti Piirmets). Applicants will be contacted within two weeks.

The intern is accepted for internship during the calendar year in agreement with the Head of the Department or a person appointed by them, taking into account the possibilities the department can offer. Information about the possibilities and conditions of participating in an internship and the number of interns accepted for internship at the Department during the calendar year will be published on the Tallinn website and intranet on an ongoing basis according to the possibilities and vacant internship positions.

See also available internships in
other departments of the city

Procedural Restrictions

Information about activities and decisions for which procedural restrictions are not applied is published here (§ 11 subsection 3 clauses 4, 5 and 7 of the Anti-Corruption Act). Procedural restrictions will not be applied and a notice must be published:

  • if the replacement of an official is not possible as a person meeting the requirements for the replacement could not be found;
  • in regards to actions or decisions with which the institution performing a public task ensures the organisation of its work, with the exception of service-related decisions;
  • in a city institution if, taking into account the specificities of the local government unit, the application of the procedural restrictions would be unreasonable from the point of view of public interest.
Currently, there are no such notices.

Tallinn Vital Statistics Department Statute 
Archives and Population Operations Department Statute (DOC file)
Family Status Operations Department Statute (DOC file)
The procedure for using the tracking devices in the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department

Last modified 21.06.2024