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Tallinn Day Program 2024

Tallinn Day Program 2024

Here is the Tallinn Day Facebook event.

Wednesday, May 15 

10:00 | Opening the Lühike Jalg Street Gate

This is the  23rd time when Tallinn Day begins traditionally with the ceremonial opening of the Lühike Jalg Street Gate, where the Mayor of Tallinn welcomes the Prime Minister.

12:00 | Tallinn Town Hall is open for free visits

The Tallinn Town Hall is the oldest and only surviving Gothic-style town hall in Northern Europe.

The Town Hall serves as a symbol of European urban authority. Already in 1248, Danish King Eric IV confirmed the Lübeck city rights for Tallinn, upon which the council, elected from among the Hanseatic merchants, began its work in the Town Hall. With this step, Tallinn entered the European legal space.

The city government operated in the Town Hall until 1970. To this day, the Town Hall continues to fulfill its historical function as the city's representative building.

On Tallinn Day, May 15th, the Town Hall can be visited free of charge until 19:00.

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12:30 | The Cello Boys' concert

At lunchtime, you can enjoy a concert by the Cello Boys (Tšellopoisid) on the balcony of the Tallinn City Council building.

The Cello Boys, Kaspar Kluge, and Karret Sepp expand the boundaries of the traditional cello repertoire, creating an exciting symbiosis between classical and contemporary music.

The concert lasts 45 minutes.

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13:15 | Tallinn City Council building open for free visits 

The Tallinn City Council welcomes everyone on Tallinn Day!

From 13:15 – 16:00, the doors are open to all visitors, where the work of the City Council and the factions will be presented. In the foyer on the third floor, the exhibition "Merivälja 100" is open, dedicated to the centenary of the Merivälja neighborhood.

At 13:15, a guided tour (in Russian) begins with prior registration, where historian Jüri Kuuskemaa will introduce the colorful history of the City Council building. Register for the house tour via phone 694 3201 or online 

At 14:00 and 15:00 sample sessions, where guests can take on the role of a city councilor and make decisions on issues related to city life. In order to participate in the role of a voter in the sample session, please be present 5 minutes before the start of the sample session.

At 17:00 and 18:00, guided tours (in Estonian) begin with prior registration, led by Jaak Juske, who will introduce the exciting twists and turns of the City Council's history. Register for the tour via phone 694 3201 or online 

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History tram tours 

For Tallinn Day, the Tallinn City Museum usually tells the city's history to the residents. This year, the museum invites visitors to join the history tram tours on that day.

The tours are free on this day, but participation is only possible with a pre-booked ticket. Free tickets can be conveniently reserved through the museum's website starting from May 2nd. Ticket information here.

There are three tours in total: at 14:00 and 18:00 in Estonian, and at 16:00 in Russian.

The history tram departs from the Vana-Lõuna tram stop and the ride lasts for about 1 hour.

Admission to Tallinn City Museum's branches is 1 euro

Kiek in de Kök Fortifications
The permanent exhibitions of the Maiden Tower "Maiden Tower as an Art Temple" and "The Hot 80s of the Maiden Tower" are open. Also, the temporary exhibition "Endless Coffee Drinking" is open in the Short Leg Gate Tower. The Bastion Passages are open.

Tallinn City Life Museum
The permanent exhibition and the basement floor ceramics and porcelain depository are open. The newly opened exhibition "Please, Join Us!" tells about celebrating important moments in life with family and loved ones. An overview of the desires of Tallinners and the taboos associated with them can be found in the exhibition "Decadent Tallinn".

Museum of Photography
The permanent exhibition "Photographer" is open, introducing the history of Estonian photography as a composite portrait of a photographer - a photographer with a camera from the mid-19th century to the present day. The viewer gets an idea of ​​what the photographer looked like, what his camera was like, what the environment was like, and how the photo was processed.

Children's Museum MiiaMilla
The museum has a new permanent exhibition with EMPATHY as its main theme - understanding others and taking others into account. The exhibition directs young visitors to better understand the feelings of others and cope with their own emotions. To visit the museum, you need to purchase a ticket in advance from the museum's website!

Tallinn Russian Museum
The exhibition "Mustamäe. A City of Dreams?" about the history of Mustamäe is open, as well as the exhibition dedicated to the architect and artist Aleksandr Wladovsky "My Tallinn. Aleksandr Wladovsky" and the exhibition of Svetlana Vetrova's doll art "Enchanting Dreams".

House of Peter the Great
The museum offers an insight into the era of Peter I and the history of the 18th-century Kadriorg Palace and Park Ensemble.

Kalamaja Museum
The permanent exhibition introducing the history of Kalamaja is open. In addition, you can get acquainted with one of Tallinn's unique subdistrict stories in the exhibition "Kopli Magical Realism". The wall coverings rescued by Kalamaja apartment renovators can be seen in the exhibition "KALAMAJA TAPEEDS and what all can be found underneath".

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Saturday, May 18

Districts program

Tallinn Day events in the city districts:

Nõmme: District Day from 10:00 – 23:00.
On that day, several events are taking place in Nõmme for the community: a concert by the hip-hop group Põhja-Tallinn, gardening activities, the unveiling of a memorial bench, and Hiiu Stadium, additionally Nõmme Museum welcomes visitors for free. More info here.

Haabersti: Citizen Day at Haabersti Activity Center from 11:00 – 17:00.
Performances by the groups active at the Activity Center, the café is open, and there is an outdoor flea market. Additionally, gardening and photography workshops will be held. More info here.

​​​​​​City Centre: Family Day at Kadriorg Park from 11:00 – 16:00.
Various ensembles will take the stage, including science theater, and a singing studio. Also, a performance for children awaits – the Nordic fairy tale 'UMKA – the polar bear cub' (45 min, in Estonian). The main performer is Jarek Kasar. More info here.

Mustamäe: Music Festival at Männi Park from 18:00 – 21:30.

DJ Andres Aljaste provides the best music experience until 21:00. Following him, Siim Koppel will make the stage shine with a powerful drum show. More info here.

10:00 | Recycling Festival in Telliskivi

Until 17:00, the largest recycling festival in Tallinn, UK Fest, takes place in Telliskivi Quarter, where together we give new life to things. You can come to buy and sell.

In addition to ordinary people, on-site trading is also conducted by Uuskasutuskeskus (the Reuse Center), the charitable recycling shop Red Cross, and one of the oldest recycling organizations in Estonia - Humana.

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12:00 | Ghetto Games at the Seaplane Harbour

Get ready, because on May 18th from 12:00 – 19:00, an exciting and diverse street sports festival, "Ghetto Games," will take place at Lennusadam (Seaplane Harbour).

Expect an exhilarating day filled with street sports competitions, entertaining performances, and exciting activities for all ages:

  • Ghetto Football program featuring matches in U12, U14, U16, U19, and 20+ age groups.
  • Ghetto Basket competitions are held in 6 different groups (U12, U14, U16, U18, Open) and Nordic Cup PRO for professional players, where teams compete for prizes, Ghetto Basket ranking, and FIBA 3x3 ranking points. The top teams from the Nordic Cup qualify for the season finale.
  • Ghetto Dance contests for amateurs and professional dancers in 1vs1 battles across three dance categories: hip-hop, break dance, and dance hall.
  • Ghetto Fight international MMA competitions are held with 15 fights, where the strongest Baltic fighters compete for the Ghetto Fight championship title in various weight categories.
  • 3x3 street floorball tournament Ghetto Floorball is held in U12, U14, U16, U19, 20+, and Lady categories, where athletes compete for the season's grand prize.

If you're interested in participating in any of the competitions, register on the website:

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13:30 | Dance performances at Freedom Square

On Tallinn Day, various dance groups will make Freedom Square come alive:

  • At 13:30, you can witness a dance and acrobatics performance by TalTech Cheerleaders.
TalTech Cheerleaders is Estonia's first competitive cheerleading club, focusing on dance, acrobatics, and cheerleading. Over their 17 years of operation, they have become 7-time Estonian champions and have also competed in Europe.
  • At 13:45, the Irish dance group Solas takes the stage.

Solas is the oldest continuously operating Irish dance group in Estonia. They perform traditional set dances and innovative show dances, as well as sociable ceili dances and set dancing. They aim to explore various layers of Irish dance and introduce them to others.

  • At 14:00, various folk dance groups in Tallinn and the band Kiiora will perform.

Folk dances will be performed by various groups including the mixed youth group ÕMMIKAD from Tallinna Õpilasmalev, Ingliska, Dance Ensemble Lee, Dance Ensemble Sõleke from Tallinn Hobby Center Kullo, TULILINNUD from Tallinn Secondary School No. 32, mixed group TONTAR from Pelgulinna RM, the women's and girls' group from Estonian Dance Agency, and Dance Ensemble Tuisuline.

The Tallinn Folk Dance Directors Association curates the dance program.

Kiiora is a vibrant Seto band consisting of Matis Leima (violin, accordion, vocals), Mihkel Sildoja (accordion, vocals), and Laurits Leima (guitar, vocals). In addition to Seto dance tunes, their repertoire includes traditional music from Estonia and neighboring countries, the Finno-Ugric world, and increasingly their compositions.

The day will be hosted by the renowned dance instructor Kalev Järvela.

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19:00 | Concert in Toompark

Under the guidance of Veiko Tubin, the grand concert performance "Diverse City" tells the story of the different eras of the city and their influences, the people amidst it all, and the cultural richness that together forms the face of today's Tallinn.

Under the skillful direction of musical director Siim Aimla, special musical arrangements are created for the performance, where past and present, different music styles, and cultures meet.

The performance features soloists such as Heidy Tamme, Mihkel Raud, Tanel Padar, Synne Valtri, Tanja Mihhailova-Saar, and Reket.

For Tallinn Day, Old Thomas has descended from his venerable position atop the tower to see how we're doing. Mart Toome portrays Old Thomas with humor and cheerfulness, accompanied on stage by talented Estonian actor Maris Nõlvak in the role of a young Tallinner.

  • Doors open at 19:00
  • Concert-performance starts at 20:00
  • The event ends at 22:00

Come early and find a suitable spot to enjoy the performance with food and drinks.

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20:00 | Afterparty at Patarei Sea Fortress

We'll wrap up Tallinn Day celebrations with an awesome party at Patarei Sea Fortress.

  • At 20:00, the doors open and the party kicks off with DJ Eisi.
  • At 22:00, Púr Múdd and Grete Paia will rock the crowd.

We recommend arriving early as seating is limited.

Food vendors will be on-site offering both drinks and delicious snacks. Please note that bringing your food and drinks is not allowed.

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Tallinn Night​​​​

19:30 | Tour d'ÖÖ Tallinn 74

This year marks the 776th anniversary since Tallinn was granted Lübeck Rights.

To mark the occasion, there's a diverse program of events happening throughout the city, and for the first time, we will also celebrate Tallinn Night, starting with the Tour d'ÖÖ bike ride.

  • On May 18th we will gather at Tondiraba Park (near Tondiraba Ice Hall) at 19:30
  • Moving through the city as a unified group will start around 20:00
  • We'll ride at a leisurely pace of approximately 12 km and conclude at Freedom Square at 21:30

Please be considerate of other riders and adhere to safety regulations.

Participation is free for everyone.

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21:30 | Röövel Ööbik band concert

This year marks the 776th anniversary since Tallinn was granted Lübeck Rights.

To mark the occasion, there's a diverse program of events happening throughout the city, and for the first time, we will also celebrate Tallinn Night, ending with a concert by the band Röövel Ööbik.

 Röövel Ööbik is an Estonian indie band that started in the mid-1980s and has now released their sixth album titled "Transcent" after a 15-year hiatus. The band lineup includes Tõnu Pedaru (vocals), Raul Saaremets (drums), and Sten Sheripov (guitar).

  • On May 18th, starting at 21:30 at Freedom Square
  • The concert lasts for 45 minutes
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All events are free for everyone.
Noored inimesed vaatavad läbi pikksilma Patkuli vaateplatvormil linna Photo: Rasmus Jurkatam,

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