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Tallinn Day 2022

Tallinn Day 2022

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Traditionally Tallinn Day is celebrated on 15 May, this year the events will take place throughout the weekend - from 13 to 15 May!

The Tallinn Day tradition was established in 2002 to commemorate the granting of the city charter of Lübeck to Tallinn in 1248, making Tallinn a fully-fledged European city. The aim of Tallinn Day is to celebrate the history of the city and the Tallinn people, as well as to showcase the city's history and present.

Why are we talking about music on this Tallinn Day? It is because in 2021, Tallinn was designated to be one of the cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities network  – Tallinn is an UNESCO City of Music. As a City of Music, our vision is to offer more possibilities to create and enjoy music, to bring music into every day and on every level.

13.05 Tallinn Day Dictation
15.05 at 10.00 Ceremonial opening of Lühikese jala Gate
15.05 at 12.00 Tallinn Day opening ceremony with a performance by the Tallinn Police Orchestra and vintage bus parade through the city

Programme 13 May / 14 May / 15 May

Tallinna päev 2022 plakat RUS

#tallinnapäev #tallinnday

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 Programme on 13 May / Day of Music 


District / Venue



Tallinn schools + live stream

Music Morning in Tallinn schools. Meetup with artists


Tallinn schools

Music Quiz in Tallinn schools 


Õismäe tee 26

Community planting in Haabersti  
Seeding flowers in planter boxes at Nurmenuku Centre flag square + at Õismäe tee 26.


Seebi 30a, Seebi 34, Seebi 36b

Community planting in Kristiine  
Tidying up the courtyards on Seebi street, planting flowers in planter boxes etc


Läänemere Secondary School +1

Tallinn Youth Participation Café at Läänemere Secondary School (and one additional school). Theme: mental health and green urban space.


Laagna garden
(Võru 11)

Day of Libraries in Lasnamäe, Laagna garden

Introducing library services, sports equipment, the comic book collection of Paepealse library, and the seed box of Laagna library. You can solve quizzes, crosswords and play book bingo on the topic of Tallinn, Lasnamäe, seed box or comic books. At 12 noon there will be a comic strip drawing workshop.

See the full library programme here


Town Hall Square + live stream


Register HERE to participate


The gate tower of Pirita Convent 

Guided tour "New and old Pirita Convent"

Guide Peeter Pihlak

Further information and registration:, +372 683 0955 or at the Pirita library. Starting point at the gate of Pirita Convent. Held in cooperation with the Pirita Leisure Centre.

See the full library programme here


Seebi 34

Concert of Jüri Homenja + activities for children
in the courtyard of Seebi 34

NB! The programme is updated regularly and changes may occur. See programme: 13 May / 14 May / 15 May
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Programme on 14 May / Day of the Districts


District / Venue



Nõmme Ema Park (Jaama street)

Ilo Park (Vabaduse pst 4)

10.00 Community planting at Nõmme Ema Park (Jaama street, Nõmme)

11.00 Community planting at Ilo Park (Vabaduse pst 4)

Planting flowers to the walls of the park entrances. The planting will be guided by a specialist from Kesklinna Pargid OÜ, who will also provide training. Up to 100 participants will receive a gift of plants to plant in their garden.z


Sääse Library
(Sõpruse ave 186b)

Quiz about Tallinn city for kids and adults.


City Centre
Song Festival Grounds Visitor Centre

Fun morning for kids with Pippi. We invite all children to play and listen to stories. At the same time, the parents can visit the Song Festival Grounds Visitor Centre.


Tuvi Park

Community plantings in Kesklinn
Planting of various shrubs, climbers and spring flowers in Tuvi Park, Toompark and Kanuti Garden


Tondiloo Park

Community gardening in Lasnamäe
Renewal of rose beds in Tondiloo Park


Tallinn Central Library (Estonia pst 8)

Guided tour "Stories and Legends of Tallinn Old Town" (approx. 3 hrs)
The tour is led by librarian and guide Maarja Paesalu. Meeting point in front of the main building of Central Library. Info and registration:, 683 0920

See the full library programme here


Pirita Sports Centre

Pirita Sportfest

11.30 Opening
11.40 Performance by MyDance Dance Club
11.00-12.00 Training course of combat and endurance by US Marines
12.30 Performance by Trefoil Sports Club 

DJ DropWave
Health Tent
FC Levadia activities
Pirita Rescue Department presents rescue equipment
Activities of the Pirita Paddling Club
FitSphere competitions
Electric scooter safety workshop by Transport Administration
Trampoline area and games by Pirita Youth Centre
First aid training course by West-Tallinn Central Hospital
Sports activities by FCF Sports Club
Volleyball and basketball courts open to all

Event on Facebook


Football court of Õismäe Secondary School 

Haabersti Family Sports Day

11.00 Opening
11.15 Youth football tournament finals and award ceremony, organised by FC Nõmme Kalju
12.15 Tai Chi demonstration for seniors, followed by Tai Chi open training
13.00 Street basketball tournament, BC Ring
13.45 Celebration cake
14.00 Performance by Cityflash feat Laura-Ly
15.00 Closing

Throughout the day, exciting sports activities for all - from children to seniors


Nõmme Library

Nõmme themed search game with a map in Nõmme library
During the game you will learn which places and characters in the children's books are linked to Nõmme. See the full programme of libraries here


Sepa st roundabout

Community gardening in Põhja-Tallinn


Tondiloo park

Community gardening in Lasnamäe


Sõstra 1a, Keemia 41
(Kramer community garden)

Community gardening in Kristiine  
Tidying the Kramer community garden and the courtyard of Sõstra 1a,  planting flowers in containers, a lecture on balcony gardening, workshops and activities for children, guided tours in the Kramer community garden, etc. 


Nurmenuku library (Ehitajate tee 109a)

Introducing the history of Tallinn Old Town, making crafts and reading to children
Discovering the Old Town via a tour through the different times in history for kids at Nurmenuku Library. After the history tour we read stories and and craft something with our own hands. Oral translation into Russian available if needed.

See the full programme of libraries here


Tallinn Central Library (Estonia pst 8)

A Live Action Role Play (LARP) session for young people/children in the Old Town, inspired by the book series "Cassidy Blake"

See the full programme of libraries here


Männiku Library
(Pihlaka 12)

Creative workshop. Making of a Tallinn-themed jigsaw puzzle
Information and registration: 655 9718, or at the library

See the full programme of libraries here  


Courtyard of Põhja-Tallinn Community Centre (Kari 13)

15.00 Mystical magic show by Magician Marko
16.00-17.00 Performance by Tanja Mihhailova-Saar & Band


Männi Park

Männi Youth Festival

15-18.30 Stage programme (five great youth bands and the newly assembled band Blackhill Panic) + Zumba
15-17 Activities in the Männi library tent (exciting teen literature and comic books in different languages, board games, music quiz)
15-18 Slackline workshop (led by Jaan Roose and others)
15-16.30 Street dance workshop and a jam session with soul train
15-16.30 Outdoor gym workshop
16.30-17.30 Table tennis tournament
TalTech School of Technology workshops:
15-15.45 LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics (max. 10 participants, from 9 years)
16-16.45 Matatalab workshop (max. 10 participants, from 7 years)
17-17.45 Matatalab workshop (max. 10 participants, from 7 years) 

In addition, the Mustamäe Youth Council offers exciting activities and the Mustamäe District Government hands out balloons.

Event on Facebook


Sõstra 1a

Concert by music group Regatt 


City Centre

Musumäe Jazz: Marianne Leibur and Raivo Tafenau Band

Event on Facebook

NB! The programme is updated regularly and changes may occur. See programme: 13 May / 14 May / 15 May
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Programme on 15 May / Tallinn Day


District / Venue



Tallinn Old Town
Gate Tower of the Short Leg (Lühikese jala väravatorn)
+ live stream

Ceremonial opening of Lühikese jala Gate
Gate opening ceremony with Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, Tallinn Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart and Head of North Prefecture of PPA Joosep Kaasik 


Different districts
Branch museums of Tallinn City Museum et al

Museum Sunday 
Free admission to Tallinn City Life Museum (Vene 17), Museum of Photography (Raekoja 4/6), Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum (Komandandi tee 2), Kalamaja Museum (Kotzebue 16), Tallinn Russian Museum (Pikk 29a), Childrens' Museum Millamanda (L. Koidula 21c), House of Peter the Great (Mäekalda 2), Tammsaare Museum (Koidula 12a), Vilde Museum (Roheline aas 3), Unt Museum (L. Koidula 17), Tallinn Song Festival Grounds Visitor Centre (Narva mnt 95), Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (Kursi 5), and Gallery of Cultural Centre Kaja (E. Vilde tee 118)

Tallinn Day programme at Tallinn City Museum

Read more about Museum Sunday


Branch museums of Tallinn Literary Centre 

Tallinn Literary Centre museums programme

A new trail in the footsteps of Andrus Kivirähk and his dog, with stops and texts created by Kivirähk himself, will be added to the map application Anyone in the city will be able to put their headphones on and use their phone to follow the same route that Kivirähk and his famous dog Robin use every day.

Meanwhile, you can follow all the other literary paths on the map: those of Eduard Vilde, Mati Unt, Jan Kaus, Jaan Kross, etc.

In cooperation with Postimees Apollo, a quiz "Literary Tallinn" will be published on 15 May at

Visit for free:

  • H. Tammsaare Museum (L. Koidula 12a)
  • Eduard Vilde Museum (Roheline aas 3)
  • Mati Unt Museum (L. Koidula 17)


Old Town
Town Hall Square
+ live stream

Tallinn Day opening ceremony
Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart and Tallinn Herald Jüri Kuuskemaa ceremoniously open Tallinn Day on the staircase of the Town Hall. 
Performance by the Tallinn Police Orchestra
and vintage bus parade.


Tallinn Central Library (Estonia pst 8)

Guided tour to Sibulaküla settlement  
Guide Krista Heinpalu. Information and registration:, 683 0920

See the full programme of libraries here 

13/15/ 16/17 

tours in Estonian


tour in Russian 

Old Town + Kesklinn
Starting from Theatre and Music Museum 

City tour "Music in the Old Town"

We invite you to walk along the footprints of music and musicians from different eras. The journey will take us on the heels of medieval city musicians as well as to the jazz halls of the 1930s. The tour starts at the Theatre and Music Museum, passes through Freedom Square and Estonia puiestee, strolls along the narrow streets of the Old Town, stops at several places that have disappeared from the cityscape but are important to the music scene. The tour ends in the Suurgildi building of the Estonian History Museum, one of the oldest concert venues in the Old Town.

13 / 15 / 16 / 17 Estonian and 14 Russian.

Duration approx. 1,5 h. Max group size 20 pers. Please register here!


Linnu tee 5

Inauguration of the memorial bench of Garik Iknojan, honorary citizen of Tallinn and founder of the Kotka football stadium 


Town Hall

On Tallinn Day, the Town Hall opens its main entrance, where the mayor usually welcomes heads of state, royal guests and mayors from other cities. On 15 May, to mark the 700th anniversary of the Town Hall, the Mayor invites all the citizens and guests to the Town Hall through this door.

The doors of the Town Hall will be open from 12 noon to 5 p.m. The Town Hall will welcome visitors free of charge and, as fit to a UNESCO City of Music, will treat them with the music from its youth. Families and young music lovers are particularly welcome:

At the concerts "A Step Back in Time" at 13.30 and 14.30, young musicians from the Kiili Early Music Ensemble will bring the colours and sounds of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the audience;

At the family concert "From generation to generation" at 17.00, the Meibaum family ensemble will create a festive atmosphere with a varied classical programme.


Old Town
Tallinn City Council
(Vana-Viru 12)

Balcony Concert at the Tallinn City Council
Performed by Estonia National Opera Male Quintet


Russian Cultural Centre
(Mere pst 5)


Children's opera "The Little Sweep"

On 15 May at 13:00 in the Great Hall of the Russian Cultural Centre, the children's choral opera "The Little Sweep/Korstnapühkija" is staged as a present for children from the Russian Cultural Centre for Tallinn Day! Free admission. More information at


Old Town
Starting from Tallinn Tourist Information Centre (Niguliste 2)

Guided tour of the Old Town with Deputy Mayor Joosep Vimm "Tallinn's urban governance through the ages"


Old Town
Tallinn Town Hall

Young musicians from the Kiili Early Music Ensemble bring the colours and sounds of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the concerts "A Step Behind the Centuries" at the Town Hall


Estonia Concert Hall

Showcase concert of the high-level student music competition Tallinna Talent 2022

Free admission! 


Old Town
Tallinn City Council (Vana-Viru 12)

Open House at the Tallinn City Council 

House tour in Estonian and an open session with the Chairman of the City Council in Chamber Hall

(at 15.30, house tour in Russian)


Old Town
Neitsitorn Tower 

Tallinn Police Orchestra's brass quintet
Open-air concert on the masonry of the Neitsitorn Tower in the Danish King's Garden


Kadriorg Park concert square

Free OPEN AIR CONCERT of Tallinn Day 

15.00 AHHAA Science Theatre performance
17.15 Gameboy Tetris, villemdrillem, Clicherik & Mäx
19.00 Prime Orchestra - combining pop, rock and symphony, the Prime Orchestra from the UNESCO city of Kharkiv, Ukraine
20.30 Tanel Padar & Uku Suviste & Silver Laas and band
The concert will be hosted by TV presenter Erkki Sarapuu


Old Town
Tallinn City Council (Vana-Viru 12)

Open House at the Tallinn City Council
House tour in Russian (Estonian-language tour at 14).


Old Town
Tallinn Town Hall

The Meibaum Family Ensemble will set the festive mood with a varied classical programme at the "From generation to generation" family concert at the Town Hall

NB! The programme is updated regularly and changes may occur. See programme: 13 May / 14 May / 15 May
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