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Tallinn Day

Tallinna päev 2024 - Tallinn 776
This year marks 776 years since Tallinn was granted Lübeck Rights. Thanks to this recognition, since 1248, we have been part of the legal, cultural, and economic space encompassing European cities. We celebrate this achievement every year on May 15th with Tallinn Day.

Tallinna ajalugu Tallinn Day aims to appreciate the city's history and what it means to be a resident of Tallinn.


Tallinna päeva programm 2024 As part of Tallinn Day, a diverse program takes place in the Old Town, but events also occur elsewhere in the city.


Throughout the centuries, Tallinn has had various faces, during which different things and themes have been considered important. All of this has left its greater or lesser mark on the city's history.

Today, Tallinn is a very diverse city, where all eras coexist and blend. Alongside the historic and dignifiedly serene Old Town, there is a pleasantly vibrant and restless newer part with completely modern views and unique areas developed from industrial zones in the heart of the city. There are also districts, each standing out with its peculiarities and delightful communities.

The character of Tallinn's urban space is defined by spaciousness, beautiful coastal lines, and an abundance of parks and green areas. This is something we can be proud of because, in many other European cities, it is not the case. And amidst all of this are the people, the Tallinners, who with their peculiarities and activities form a significant part of Tallinn's identity.

The 776th anniversary of receiving the Lübeck Rights is dedicated to the various faces of Tallinn throughout the ages, to all eras, activities, and people that characterize today's diverse and culturally rich Tallinn.