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INNOVATION PROJECT RESULT: City of Tallinn Pilots Waste Container Digitalization

INNOVATION PROJECT RESULT: City of Tallinn Pilots Waste Container Digitalization

The City of Tallinn conducted a pilot project within the Test in Tallinn framework, experimenting with smart sensors in waste containers. The project aimed to demonstrate that fill level-based waste collection can reduce costs for the municipality and citizens, minimize environmental footprint, and improve governance in the sector.

Ibiot/Cleanhand OÜ, a company specializing in digitalizing waste management, participated in the project. During the project, 100 public waste containers were digitalized, and a big data export function and a geo-infographic dashboard were developed. The project's municipal partner was KeKo - Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department, which advised on which containers to digitalize and the most relevant areas.

Analysis of the collected data revealed that 85.7% of the emptied containers had a fill level below 50%, indicating that emptying could have been postponed. It is estimated that fill level-based emptying could save at least 50% of the costs and reduce the environmental footprint equivalently. The project also revealed that the sensors used were not sufficiently weatherproof. Consequently, Ibiot developed a new weatherproof sensor with a double-capacity power source that can last up to 5 years.

The City of Tallinn gained significant knowledge about the potential applications of sensors in urban spaces. This knowledge also led to the creation of a wastewater monitoring sensor in the Männi Park wastewater tank and the monitoring of public toilet usage in the city. The project also sparked interest in our northern neighbors, creating further collaboration opportunities for Ibiot.

Project results and final report here (in Estonian).

Applications for the Test in Tallinn project are accepted on an ongoing basis.
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