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MaaS combines all transport services into a single package

The Tallinn Transport Authority and the city of Tartu are participating in a joint project to implement Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to connect public and private transport between Tallinn and Tartu.

In the course of the project, a mobility service platform will be procured, which will enable the integration of various transport services offered in Tallinn and Tartu into a single package together with journey planning and payment services (public transport, micromobility, taxis, self-driving vehicles).

The platform is open to all providers. The platform makes it possible to order transport from the desired place to the desired place at a preffered time through a single mobile app, offering combinations of different means and modes of transportation and also paying for the service.

The main goal of the project is to promote the share of sustainable modes of transportation in urban traffic.

The added value for the MaaS user is due to the fact that access to mobility services will be guaranteed through one mobile application, i.e. instead of several planning, ticket sales, booking and payment channels, all this can be done conveniently in one smartphone app. In order to meet the different wishes of customers, the MaaS platform offers a diverse menu of transport options, whether it is public transport, ride-sharing, car- or bike-sharing, taxi, car rental, walking or a combination of these.

A successful MaaS platform will also lead to new business models and ways to organize and operate different transport options, which will benefit from access to improved user and demand information, and will also increase and generate demand for the services of new transport operators.

The goal of MaaS is to be the best mobility organizer for its users, offering an alternative to using a car, which could be as comfortable as a personal car, while being more environmentally friendly and even cheaper.

The solution created as a result of the project allows cities to encourage the use of public transport to meet their environmental goals. Project activities will be implemented by the end of August 2023.

In the future, it is possible to expand the service within Estonia and to apply it in places other than Tallinn and Tartu.