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Public Events Management Portal AKIS

Tallinn Christmas market.jpg

Public event organizers can submit an application for authorization information system and all the necessary documents (eg a security plan for the restructuring of the traffic, parking, etc.). Also, this site gives overview of the entire procedure: the application real time information, whether the application is already reviewed, signing or issued.

Portal AKIS speeds up the procedure for the process, since the entire proceedings of communication, between the organizer and the coordinators will take place through the information system. The system is connected to the Population Registry, the Business Register, the address data ADS system, Building Registry, Land Registry and other commercial acitivity register, which makes data entry easier. It can also provide to the event organisers the possibility to submit additional questions, request additional documentation or ask to complete the request by the authority.

After the issuance of the public event license all the inhabitants can access the portal AKIS to see events taking place (including events on the AKIS interactive web map and calendar). Residents can also subscribe to get e-mail notifications about events they are interested in (see Tallinn example).

Last modified 16.01.2023