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Public transport card system – The Green Card

Public transport card system Tallinn - the green card_s.jpg

In the beginning of 2013, Tallinn was the first capital in the EU to provide free public transport to its citizens. More than 1 Million Green Cards are acitivated by now to use the Tallinn public transport or other integrated services (bicycle rent, Park&Travel, visit Zoo etc).

To be entitled to freely use public transport in Tallinn, citizens of Tallinn have to just purchase the so-called ‘Green Card’ (costs 2 euros) and personalise it. People from outside Tallinn can also buy the Green Card which enables them to load the needed amount of money to use public transport.

Since the implementation of free public transport and the new smartcard system, a significant increase of the number of registered Tallinners can be observed. This unique solution is gives input to City Big Data management as a safe and secure contactless data carrier.

New development plans will provide many extraordinary features to be expected by the citizens – e.g. leather handbelt for chip, new business integrations etc. This solution has fully replaced the old school paper tickets and city specific travel ticketing systems.

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Last modified 16.01.2023