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R8 Technologies – R8 Digital Operator

R8 Technologies – R8 Digital Operator

R8 Technologies – one of the Tallinnovation competition winners

R8 Technologies – R8 Digital Operator is one of the most promising ideas of Tallinnovation competition.

Problem: Commercial real estate consumes one fifth of the entire energy sector, of which about 8% is made up of technical systems such as ventilation, cooling, and heating. This is often costly, as real-time data is not used to ensure a comfortable indoor climate and manual errors can lead to human error.

Solution: Digital operator, which is an artificial intelligence software that takes the management of commercial real estate technical systems to the next level. Energy efficiency, comfortable indoor climate and technical conditions are the three key indicators monitored. AI increases system performance efficiency and data-driven automation analytics detects (HVAC) system errors.

Result: An automatically and efficiently controlled HVAC system that lowers costs and makes the system more energy efficient.


Last modified 22.02.2024