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Tallinn City Model

Tallinn City Model is a 3D representation of the city and is developed to be the basis for different applications and functions.

At first, the City Model was created in Old Town area and the main purpose was to support tourism related activities – to popularize Tallinn as a destination for travelers. Tallinn Old Town is a unique area with well-preserved medieval architecture.  On the other hand, Estonia is known as a digital society. Therefore, having a digital twin of the beautiful area is natural for us.

3D-virtual tour Tallinn

From the first version of the 3D representation of built city environment it has grown into a citywide model. Old Town part has a high level of detail and the rest of the city is heading to that level as well. Tallinn City Model uses up-to-date City topographic database data as an input to reflect actual development of the city in virtual environment. New kind of data layers are also included like lidar point cloud and building information model (BIM) type structural/architectural models. 

Tallinn City Model is a data source for urban planning processes and architectural design.  Construction and engineering specialists use it to simulate a real-life scenario before any concrete is poured. It unlocks spatial analyses like daylight and shadow simulations, noise and air pollution calculations etc. Computer game developers create exciting fictional stories and movie makers use City Model as a prop. For curious travelers who are not able to visit Tallinn in reality are welcome to wander around in virtual space. 

If you find yourself wishing to discover the wonderful Old Town of Tallinn for real, sit in its cosy cafes and walk on the mediaeval streets, we urge you to come here. Have an enjoyable virtual experience and we hope to see you in Tallinn!

Last modified 16.01.2023