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Aiotex – digitalSpaces – where digital meets physical

Aiotex – digitalSpaces – where digitaal meets physical

Aiotex - one of the Tallinnovation cometition winners.png

Aiotex – digitalSpaces – where digitaal meets physical is one of the most promising ideas of Tallinnovation competition.

Problem: There are many objects in the public space and maintaining them takes a lot of time because information moves slow between people and parts. Everything is done manually.

Solution: Automate the information sharing process using a network of QR codes placed on objects. It can be used to obtain information about the objects’ owner, administrator, etc. Reporting a faulty object is easy and can be done by the consumer who is usually most interested in repairing it (eg a broken swing on a children’s playground).

Result: A tool created with a network of QR codes that connects all actors together (users, owners, administrators, and contractors). The solution connects physical objects, information systems, contractors, and citizens and requires nothing more than a regular smartphone to use.


Last modified 29.03.2021