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Tallinn is Estonia’s economic and innovation centre, its growth environment and development engine. Continued urbanisation provides challenges in various field: increapsing demands on infrastructure; development of public and business services; creation of jobs; the impacts of climate; and the smart use of environmental resources. First and foremost, this creates many new opportunities for businesses, while also posing great challenges on the public sector in order to cope with the rapid infrastructure development, people’s changing mobility needs, energy consumption and environmental impacts – that is smarter city management.

TALLINNOVATIONS - SMART TALLINN tells our story to our visitors, cooperation partners and citizens: Tallinn – The City Where the Future is Now! and provides a cooperation platform for business and universities, and the opportunity to raise the awareness of the City of Tallinn's organisations.

Public Transport Card System
Kalaranna Smart Street
Intelligent Traffic Signs
Public Events Management Portal AKIS
Park and Ride Tallinn
Tallinn City Model
Car Parking Management
Urban Planning Register
Operative Information Platform
Open the City Application
Smart Bike Lockers
Roads Weather Information Service
Aiotex digitalSpaces
R8 Digital Operator
Virtual Power Plant Participation
Aiotex – digitalSpaces – where digitaal meets physical
Operative Information Platform OPINFO
Open City Tallinn
Cooperation in Tallinn

Last modified 29.03.2021