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Summary of Networking seminar in Brussels 06.12.2012

Summary of Networking seminar in Brussels 06.12.2012

It was noted:

1. Tallinn, Aubagne and Hasselt will proceed with formation of Free Public Transport European Network.

2. Hasselt participates in Eurotowns Mobility Task Team seminar January in Kortrijk to promote free public transport as potential issue for research project. Tallinn considers participating in the meeting.

3.  Aubagne considers to host Free Public Transport Cities meeting during the first quarter of 2013, mostly targeting French cities, but also Torrevieja, Tallinn and Hasselt will be invited.

4. Tallinn drafts a Questionaire for Free Public Transport Cities to map the profiles and to provide an instrument for strengthening contacts between FPT cities. Aubagne and Hasselt will comment the draft.

5. Aubagne, Tallinn and Hasselt confirmed their interest to initiate project cooperation with other networks and institutions - POLIS, KTH, ERRIN, UBC etc.

6. UBC Transport Commission confirmed their interest to hold in a joint meeting in Tallinn of UBC Energy, Environment and Transport Commissions in April 2013 around the topic of free public transport. 


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