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Welcome to the service bureau!

Welcome to the service bureau!

Information about services provided by the Tallinn City authorities.

Tallinn helpline 14410

Tallinn City Office Service Bureau
Vabaduse väljak 7, 1st floor
MON 08:15–18:00
TUE, WED, THU 08:15–17:00
FRI 08:15–14:00

The service bureau is temporarily accessible through the main door at Vabaduse väljak 7, starting from 18 September.
Please follow the signs.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the renovation!


Tarbijakaitse infopunkt Tallinna linnakantselei teenindusbüroos. Foto: Ilja Matusihis.

Starting from 1 June 2023, the Tallinn Transport Administration will be open every Thursday from 08:15 to 17:00.
More information​​​​​​​ 

General phone number: +372 640 4141
[email protected]

If you are parking in a visitor’s spot at the service bureau, please notify the service bureau administrator.

The service bureau provides the following city services

Different offices have varying opening hours.

You can find more information below the list of services or by calling +372 640 4141.

At a service bureau, you can receive free legal assistance from lawyers from the Information Centre for Apartment Associations and the Estonian Union of Cooperative Housing Associations.

Tallinn residents can receive free legal help from the
Student Legal Office


Vital Statistics Department  
– registering a place of residence +372 640 4457
– forming a national ID number
+372 640 4457
Transport Administration (open on THURSDAYS)  
– parking fee discount for residents near paid car parks +372 640 4456
– parking card for vehicles of disabled individuals +372 640 4456
– parking fee tax discount for electric vehicles 
+372 640 4456
Strategy Centre  
– consumer protection +372 640 4232
– debt counselling +372 640 4232
Urban Planning Department  
– construction projects +372 640 4254
– notice of commencement for construction +372 640 4459
– use permit applications +372 640 4459
– receiving and issuing applications for project conditions +372 640 4459
– receiving and issuing applications for detailed planning terms of reference +372 640 4459
– displaying plans publicly +372 640 4459
Tallinn Property Department (open MON and THU)  
– subsidies for apartment associations +372 640 4296
+372 640 4522
– extending or changing municipal housing rental agreements +372 640 4476
Municipal Police Department  
– urban maintenance and public order
+372 640 4474
Ridango AS  
– sale of travel tickets and solving problems  


You can receive free information at a service bureau about:

  • the job functions of City Administration management, positions and departments, as well as information on opening hours, locations and phone numbers;
  • the services and procedures offered by different city departments, along with the required documents and officials;
  • treatment of forms and applications.

Issued documents include:

  • permits, notices, confirmations, bills and other documents;
  • copies of Tallinn City Administration and City Council legislation;
  • information pamphlets and other printed documents;   
  • standardised base forms and applications

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Last modified 21.02.2024