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Traffic information and traffic permits

On the page you will find information about the closure of streets and traffic news, you can view camera pictures of traffic and car parks and information on applying for traffic permits.

Information for drivers

You can find information for drivers here: online traffic cameras, traffic news and updates in parking rules in the Old Town. You can also report a defected or broken traffic control device.

Traffic news
Here you can find all announcements related to traffic in Tallinn.

Suggestions and questions

Send your suggestions and questions related to traffic arrangements to the Tallinn Transport Department.

Information on current traffic maintenance works

You can find information about current excavation works, outages (electricity, gas etc.) and road closures here. To find out more about road closures, use either the search tool or the map view to find a specific area or address. You can see the temporary closure period as well as the length of the closure by clicking on the specific object. To get a better overview, see the Tallinn traffic schemes at the bottom of the page.

Traffic cameras

You can use Tallinn traffic cameras to help you plan your journey in advance by giving you a real-time overview of the traffic. You can also use the website to see the occupancy of the Park and Ride car parks as well as data from 12 roadside weather stations.

Revised traffic regulation in the Old Town

You can find information about traffic arrangement changes in Old Town here. You can also subscribe to SMS notifications. 

Report a broken traffic control device

Report a broken or malfunctioning traffic light, sign or information board.

Compensation for damages caused by potholes

If your vehicle has been damaged due to a pothole, you will usually have the right to apply for a compensation. The insurance provider will compensate the damages according to the motor insurance contract, while the road owner must pay for deductibles. If a motor insurance contract has not been signed, the road owner must reimburse all damages.

Real-time traffic information from WAZE

Waze is a navigation app where you can get real-time traffic information. You can also use it to plan your journey in advance with Waze’s map view.

Traffic permits and approvals

You can find information on how to apply for traffic permits or approvals for plans and projects, and what are the requirements for installing information signs.

Temporary entry permit into Old Town
Application for entry permits for people who wish to use their vehicle to enter the pedestrian area in the Old Town after 10:00 (the service time is from 6:00-10:00 every day).

Approval of plans and projects

Coordination of the transport solutions for construction of office or residential buildings.

Permit for the temporary closure of a street

Application to close off a publicly used street, parking lot or green area either partially or completely.

Transport permit

A transport permit is required for special transport of large or heavy goods.

Commercial transport lines in the city

Processing and issuance of line permits and approval of timetables.

Instalment requirements of LED, LCD and PDP screens (pdf, in Estonian) 
Anyone (an individual or a business representative) who wants to install a screen in an area close to traffic must first read the guide that includes detailed information and requirements for the screens.

Map of the prohibited areas for heavy vehicles (pdf) 

The movement of heavy vehicles (7t and 15t) is prohibited in the Kalamaja and City Centre districts. You can find more information on the map. The prohibited area for heavy vehicles may change due to traffic management arrangements.

Traffic intensity in Tallinn

You can see the traffic intensity of Tallinn streets during evening rush hour here (Stratum OÜ 2016).

Comparison of census data 2019-2021
You can find data about the traffic intensity of 12 different crossways in Tallinn here.

Contact us! 

If you have questions about traffic and traffic permissions:  

Merje Kasmann-Lepp
Tel. number6404308

Report a broken traffic control device
Report a broken or malfunctioning traffic light, sign or information board.

Tallinn Transport Department

Vabaduse Väljak 10   


Last modified 14.09.2022