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Training grant for a board member of an apartment association

A member of the apartment association board can apply for an allowance to participate in training.

The goal of the allowance is to increase the board members’ knowledge about:


  •          legislation related to apartment association management;
  •          the rights and obligations of board members;
  •          the rights and obligations related to governance.

The goal is to also improve communication and conflict solving skills among apartment association board members.


The allowance can cover up to 50% of the cost of the training. The maximum allowance is 130 euros for one apartment association per year. It is possible to apply for the allowance after participating in the training and paying the bill.

Requirements for the training:

  •          the training has taken place in the same year as the submission of the application,
  •          the duration of the training is at least 32 hours. It is either a basic or advanced training for the head of an apartment association or training to obtain a real estate manager profession (level 4 or 5),
  •          the organiser of the training must either have a valid activity license issued by the Ministry of Education and Research or they must have submitted an economic activity notification.

Applications are accepted all year while there are enough funds to distribute.

 Budget in 2022

  In 2022, the budget for the allowance is 4000 euros, out of which:

  • 117.50 euros has been assigned for allowance,
  •       0 euros has been reserved for applications being processed,
  •       3,882.50 euros are reserves.

One application has been submitted and it has been paid out. There are no applications that are currently in processing or have been rejected.